Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Teddies in the sun! And my lovely Girl!

We live in an old house with a very large inglenook fireplace, which, when its lit it does look lovely on a cold winters evening, except because it is so large it does create alot of dust, and everything seems to just get covered in dust & soot after a period of time. These two had been sitting quite happily, I thought, at the bottom of our stairs, but whilst doing a bit of late spring cleaning the other day, I happened to pick them up and realised actually how dirty and dusty they really were, the label said to Sponge Clean them, but to be honest I dont think that would have done very much, they needed more like a good old scrub, so there was only one thing for them, the washing machine, yikes!! Breath held as I poured in the cleaning fluid, wondering what they were going to come out looking like after being spun around in the drum, I did put the machine on a 'Delicate' wash, oh well, fingers crossed I thought as in they went!!! 

But actually I was quite surprised how they came out, I could actually do with putting them in a tumble drier on a cool cycle to get them back fluffy, but maybe by turning the hair dryer on them later will get the same sort of effect?!

In the meantime they get to bask in this gorgeous sun!!

I just wanted to show you also the reason for me not being around lately....

We have just been so busy with them, they can be found here, I believe most of our customers are using them as Place Cards at their Wedding as they seem to be being purchased in bulk, which is a real honour to think that something we have created is being used as part of someone's special day! I guess thay are also quite handy to keep in a drawer so that you always have some tags spare should you need one to attach to a gift!

Here is a pic of my grown up girl basking in the sunshine at the week-end, we heard some sad news at the week-end that her poor mum had to be put to sleep at the young age of 6, which is just awful, I know it is never easy when the time comes but at 6 you would like to think that they were still going to be part of your family for a few more years!

And although Katy doesn't know it yet, but we are going to hopefully find her a nice gentle Chocolate Labrador boyfriend so that she can have a litter of her own pups in a couple of months time!

And I do so hope that they will turn out just like she was....

This was taken just after she was rescued from the pond, she did, and still does so love the water!!

Oh, look at that lovely pink tummy lol!!!!

Right, I am going to read my copy of this months Country Homes and Interiors next I think, I got bitten on my leg at the week-end by a nasty horse fly and my leg has swollen so much that I had to take a trip to the doctors yesterday and they have told me to completely rest it and keep it up high to help the swelling, it is quite nice actually not doing anything at all except rest, I don't get to do it very often, how long I can sit down and not do anything for though will be interesting, it sounds good for a short period of time, but then I get sooo bored! Hey Ho, lets hope its better tomorrow!

Speak soon


  1. Oh your Katy is lovely and she was such a cute pup!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Andrea, Katy is adorable and it is so exciting that she is going to get a boyfriend and have puppies,they will be so cute just like there Mum.I hope the swelling in your leg is better and that Youve been able to rest :) Hope you have a lovely weekend,take care love juliexo

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