Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vintage Cadet Caravan and a project!

I want to make one, just like this....It is a Wall Hanging, made from a piece of fabric and some stitching, and some flowers and leaves, simple? Hmmnn, I will let you know!

This one is made from a combination of silk flowers and stylised leaves and flower petals cut from fabric, all sewn onto a linen background, (the photo isn't great as I took a photo of the page of the magazine!) I saw this in the Country Living magazine back in May, although I have still not got around to making it, I think that I may use Crochet flowers actually instead of silk though, or maybe as well as, perhaps I could use both? Hmmn, I may have to pop in to Dunelm to have a look at their selection of artificial flowers. Luckily enough I made our Dining Room curtains using Linen fabric and have quite alot left over, so no excuse why I haven't got cracking with it really is there! If any of you fancy giving it a go let me know because I have the instructions for it here, although I think that it would be quite straight forward to make it up as you go really!

Anyway, when I do eventually get around to making it I will post some pics! I can't help but think to myself that here I am saying....oh, when I do get around to doing it, I end up questioning myself as to why I haven't done it today? Oh well, there is the week-end approaching, maybe then I will get to do it!

I don't that it has stopped raining here again today, will we ever have a summer do you think? I really want to carry on decorating my little bean.....

But the paint will not take well inside when it is so wet and if this weather doesn't change in a minute it wont be finished in time to even use this year!
These are just a couple of pics that we took the day we bought her home, she has already started to look better now (these pictures to follow at another time!) that we have taken the stinky carpet out, and the cupboard which housed a load of mice droppings, I actually think it also doubled up as a Rabbit hutch because there were that many droppings in her, we literally had to roll the carpet up and bundle it in to the (husbands!) car and take it straight to the recycling yard! Yuk!

She has now had three coats of brilliant white paint on the walls, one more coat is needed on the ceiling, and then just the cupboard to paint and the framework which make the seats (above photo).
I have also bought a roll of really pretty flowery wall paper that I intend to cover the little wardrobe with. I have also bought a Blue Spotty Flannelette duvet cover, (oh so cosy and soft) a floral cushion cover, some ditsy floral pictures to go on the walls, and, I have started to make some bunting to hang in her window, but I haven't actually set about this too seriously as of yet as I really want her to be completely painted first! 
Poor little thing, she has been sooo neglected, but as soon as I have finished giving her a makeover I will be back to show her to you all, the other thing that we cant decide on is a name for her? We are going to be towing her with this....

So, any name suggestions for our little bean will be most welcome! I have some of the graphics which were left over from my car that I intend on using on the outside of the caravan as well so that whilst we are towing her the flowers flow beautifully from the car softly over on to the van! Ah!

Moving swiftly on, Hubby has just called to say that he has left work and heading home, so best get off here now and make it look like I have been in the kitchen for ages, I think I will probably just throw some veg on the worktop, scatter some saucepans around, I could also, turn the meat on to cook so at least there is a smell coming from the kitchen when he walks in the front door, and I will just rush around abit and try and look really busy!! Do you think it will work? Oh well, two chances!! LOL!!

Catch up again soon,


  1. Your little 'bean' is adorable! What fun you're going to have doing her up.
    Thank for your lovely comment.The pillowcases are from Cath Kidston.
    I was in the shop the other day,buying a present for a relative,and was very tempted to buy some more bedding! :0)

  2. Just thought,there were white embroidered ones on the post too...they were found on ebay. :0)

  3. Absolutely love your cute caravan. I'm sure she will be beautiful when you've finished. I long for a caravan. It's definitely something we're hoping to have in the coming years. Love your comments about your Husband coming home and making it look like you've been in the kitchen for ages. I do that often! Fiona