Friday, 8 June 2012

What is this weather like? And Crochet Coasters!

Yesterday it poured down here and blew an absolute gale, the winds were so strong, in fact it was quite sad as looked what dropped out of the tree in our front garden....

I am not quite sure what to do with it really, I don't know how high up into the tree it was built, poor little mum, all that work in building it for it just to be shattered in seconds, the egg is broken and I can't find any trace of a little baby bird anywhere. Maybe I will just pop it back in to the tree so at least if mum does not come back to it, another birdie may use it next year!

This weather is so typical given that I have had the week off, but it has at least given me the chance to re-build my web site, so that is a bonus! There is not very much stock listed at the moment, but at least the ground work in setting it up has been done. I have also got a few jobs finished which I had started (what seemed like months ago!)and then put back down and never got around to going back to finish them off, I have finally finished these ....

I LOVE them, they are meant to be Coasters, but what a shame it would be to actually use them and then a drop of drink spill on them?! I saw these on The Yvestown Blog

I am going to give the stripy cowl ago next I think, the patterns are so good to follow, especially for a novice crocheter like me!

I also got to tidy our office up, well, office/spare room, we had a Wooden single bed given to us, but I didn't really want a house full of beds in every room upstairs, so I thought that by at least decorating it with all of these cushions it looks more like a sofa/daybed type set up, it is lovely because when the sun is shining (not very often) it beams straight in to this room, so very inviting to lay out on, blimey, imagine someone actually lying on it and making a mess of what I have arranged so precisely, I caught the other half looking intently at it, you can imagine my response can't you! What? you actually want to mess up all of those cushions? Oh No you don't!!!!!

There is a new Dunelm-Mill Shop open in Exeter, I do LOVE this shop, I didn't intend on buying anything when I popped in, I didn't need anything, or so I thought, lol!!
But when I saw this I just had to have it, I was going to make a runner, but when this was reduced to £6.99, I couldn't make it for that sort of money?!

It has three bunches of Beautifully embroidered flowers running down through the centre, makes me happy when ever I look at it!

Oh and I bought this, how pretty is that? Bargain at £4.99 I thought, and would be just ridiculous to leave it hanging there in the shop and not pick it up...

Ah, successful shopping trip I think!!

Well I am back to work on Monday, Boo!!! But at least only four days a week, I plan to concentrate on my Web Site every Thursday on my day off, seeking out new items to bring to my shop, I have some really pretty Vintage Cups and Saucers that I am going to be making some Soya Wax Candles in, so don't forget to keep popping by and having a peek in!

Anyway, at least it isn't raining here at the moment, just blowing a hoolie, so I had better go and make sure my washing is still actually on the line and not in the field somewhere!!

Have a good week-end everyone!


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  1. I don't know how to crochet. A chain stitch is as far as I got. We need your rain here.