Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Corners of our new home.....

And also once again, an apology for being away for so long, we have had so much going on since the beginning of December last year, firstly I hurt my knee, the findings from an MRI scan following the tripping on a dog toy was that I have torn my Cartilage and ruptured a ligament...ouch, I am at last able to walk up stairs in a moderately normal fashion now, 5 months later!! But boy was it painful, I think that if I had broken a bone it would have actually repaired itself quicker then what it did infact do, but hey ho, I have got now around 90% movement now so I am nearly there!!

And during all of this pain and agony we moved house!! Oh, and in between that we had the huge amounts of Snow and so I was house bound for around two weeks as we could not get out of our lane, and as I was hardly able to walk on normal surfaces, there was no way that I was going to be able to make it outside with snow on the ground!

But, doom and gloom over, we are now here in the warm month of May and settled in to our new home, and I have just had 12 days off from work, which was really needed, and things are looking good!!

Guest bedroom has now been decorated, here is a corner of it.....

Hubby did some deliveries in the City this week and look at what he found for me.....

It's brill, and our bedroom is going to be decorated based on this bag, Crisp White Cotton Bedding and gentle Cath Kidston soft furnishings to co-ordinate!

Due to the fact that we moved from a little tiny two bed cottage to a great big four bedroom farmhouse, I did not actually have that much furniture to put in it, the first visit from Mother in-law came with this wonderful treat......

her friend gets tired of things easily and was going to throw it out?!!

I personally think it is fabulous!!

Yes, another item of stock that is meant to be listed on our web site to be sold, but I thought that it looked quite cute hanging in my kitchen window, I know that you will agree really!!

Now, this is not a item of stock, my son actually bought me this around two years ago, it was filled with Chocolates from Thorntons and I kept wondering what to do with it as it was far too nice to throw away, so here is my decision on what to do....

Quite brill I think, I do love recycling!!

The only thing about where we now live is that is a little close to Waitrose, having lived a little sheltered life I had never been to Waitrose before, until one day last week when hubby suggested that we went there to get some dips to go with a glass of vino one evening, Oops, I think that he may have made a BIG mistake, because look what I found, and purchased of course!!.......

Ah, day off tomorrow, oh I do love Thursdays!! Well, it is not really a day off because there are web site orders to be working on, we have now added some Handmade Cushions and Doorstops to our store, and tomorrows plan of action is for some cath Kidston fabric Heart cushions to be made, here is what I mean by the doorstops...

And the cushions....

Oh, and not forgetting the bags...

Anyway, must go now as hubby is just about to dish Dinner up, I will, be back very soon!

Take Care for now,




  1. hope you are settled in your new home now, the guest bedroom looks lovely, is the duvet cover cath kidston?

    Josie x

  2. Sorry to hear aobut your knee problems. That must have been really painful! Glad you are on the mend. Lovely bag your husband has a very keen eye. Very thoughtful gift.

  3. I snapped the ligaments in my ankle, and remember it took ages for them to heal - and after I sprained my elbow, someone told me that actually bones heal quicker! It all looks very lovely in your house anyway, and hope you recover quickly.

    Pomona x

  4. Hola,acabo de descubrir tu blog y me gusta mucho me alegro de haberte encontrado.Un saludo desde España.