Monday, 20 December 2010

So much snow!!!!!!

Monday morning,
Katy is moaning because she wants a wee wee, turn the outside light on and look what I see......(gosh that rhymes!!)

Well whats all that about then?! Sheer madness, thats what this is! It's everywhere!!

Up the lane...

Down the lane...

Our garden table!!!

Iccicles hanging from the shed, looking very pretty...

As annoying as it is, it is beautiful!

Our pond is under here somewhere? Poor little fish!

These are not happy hens! The run door is open, but they do not want to step outside, one half of the run has a cover over it and the other half does not and so is full of snow on the ground and they do not even want to step on that half, they are funny!

But this little one has been having the time of her life!!!!

Look, no legs!!!

Ah, time for a lie down me thinks...

Now I do not want to go indoors, shall I run off?! Best not, only get told off!

But now I think that it is time to go indoors as they are looking a little cold and wet, bless!!

I hope that you have all kept warm and safe today, there is not much sign of things getting any better here at the moment which is a little sad, I cant get to work, hubby tried moving our car today to get something out of the boot and away it slid with no control, luckily we live in a very rural lane so there was nothing else around, but it just goes to show, do not go out unless it is an emergency, like you need more wine!!!!

Tare care all of you! x


  1. my goodness you've had some snow there. It's currently raining here so that will freeze tonight and the roads will be awfull tomorrow. My two dogs have been loving the snow. It's so funning watching them push it along with their noses. x

  2. Hiya, wow, that is loads of snow....enjoy!xxx

  3. The snow is beautiful. I hope you got to stay home!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment, shall try and email you too, it was Your Home magazine, could be this months I think, am on holiday, so don't have it to hand, but if you cant get hold of a copy you can have the article in mine if you like. xx