Saturday, 6 October 2012

Handmade and Personalised Christmas Advent Calender!

Christmas is on it's way!!!!

Apologies if you would rather not discuss it just yet, but it really is, as of today, officially only 80 sleeps until Christmas!!!!!

I wanted to post this out for you all to see and gather some of your thoughts also, I made one of these last year for myself, and so many people commented on it that I thought that I would make some to sell this year, you will be able to read a little more about them here, they do take me a while to make, each fabric square is hand cut and then individually sewn on to a linen fabric backing, but my thought process behind it is that you can put just anything you want into each little pocket and this way steer away from chocolates and sweets should you prefer, my friend is going to be putting hairclips and bits and bobs in hers for her little girl, fab idea I thought! And the pockets are actually big enough to put a couple of bits in, so if you hade more than ond child they could share!

Our Caravan is coming along nicely too now, hmmnn now that winter is on its way lol!!!On Thursday I managed to get all 4 sets of curtains made, I have made them using the Cath Kidston Rosali Floral and Gingham fabric, so hopefully they will be put up this week-end, the trouble is because we stripped the caravan completley out when we first had her, we are having to replace everything, so I need to go and get some curtain rods this week-end to hang then with, pictures to follow!

So, just a snippet of where we are so far with her, the shelf that sits above the worktop, obviously more prettiness will be added to the shelves, but I have not put too many accessories inside her for a minute with her needing to be moved about still for exterior work still being carried out,

And the flooring in retro Black and White squares, and the wall cupboard papered in this beautiful floral paper on both sides! Yummy I think!

When we have done the next few bits I will post with some more pics for you to see, I am so excited, I cant wait to show her to you in all her glory!!

I have today been trying to get my head around setting up a Facebook shop, what a malarky that is! But it seems that it is the way to go now, if you cant beat 'um, join 'um, as they say! Well, I have been trying lets say, will let you know if I ever suceed and get it done!

I hope that you have all been enjoying your week-end so far, we have had lovely weather here today, but is has been on the fresh side if you are out of the sunshine, I dont mind the cold though as long as the rain stays away!

Catch up with you all again very soon!

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