Wednesday, 4 February 2009

It was oh so quiet!!

Nothing came up our lane, they couldn't!! Cars were simply sliding sideways! It was exciting but also dangerous as people tried to get back to their homes after work, we obviously dont get gritters and salters in the lanes where we live, only tractors with ropes towing you to a safe place!!
As the Snow came down it was Beautiful, but then came reality of the danger once the frost set in, thankfully we have a little normality today, how long for we are un-sure!

A Robin gets his Breakfast, the picture is not great as I had to stand back from the window but zoom close in!

I treated myself this week to a moving into my new home present! Obviously this is not the place where it will sit! It would look silly sitting on a Chaise Longue wouldn't it!! But I thought that it would be nice in the Bedroom window of my new home, talking of which this is why I haven't been around much in the last two weeks, I have been busy packing, working, ironing, (tell me why do we feel like we need to move with all the ironing done....there is only going to be more once you do another wash!!).

I hope that you are all wrapped up warm this evening as it certainly is a cold one, I have my P.J's on the radiator warming nicely, just having a swift glass of Rose' before throwing myself into the bed, I am not normally fit for anything on a Wednesday evening after being up since 5.30am, infact I am normally quite grouchy, I don't do not much sleep very well!! Tomorrow morning I often have a lie in...because I can, and then after surfacing around 9am I have a cup of coffee and then wonder, why have I laid in bed for soooo long when there is sooo much to do! Oh well, it will be nice! Worry about all the jobs to be done later!

(I started this post at around 5.30pm this evening, I then cooked the Tea, cleaned up, watched the Soaps, then my Auntie from Cornwall called to check we were ok what with the weather etc...57 minutes on the phone later!! and so at last....I click the Publish Post Button at 21.55hrs!!)

I promise to catch up later on in the week, and take care out there what ever the weather is like with you at the moment!



  1. That top picture is beautiful, if I were you I'd frame it (or use it for next years Christmas cards!). You sound very busy, I hope all the preparations are going well.

    Mel xxx

  2. Lovely pictures!
    Hopefully you will have a chance to chill out soon!
    Love Lou xxx

  3. Definately agree wth Shabby Chick, you should pop off to vista print and get that photo turned into a christmas card!

    good luck with the move, I love the pitcher and bowl, is it china or enamel?

    Happy lie in too! I look forward to when the kids are grown up and having one of those again! lol

    x Alex

  4. Loads of snow here, and it's still coming down thick and fast! The kids are thrilled that the schools are shut. x

  5. I love the snowy photos. Today is probably the worst so far for us but much to son's disgust he is at school today after already losing two days this week.


  6. Love the blog.and the shop!!! Beautiful photography!
    Look forward to seeing you in your new home, it sounds just perfect!

    Keep warm

    Sharon xx

  7. ooh pj's on the radiator, i'm going to do that tonight. x

  8. hope your not still snowed in !!! its so pretty the snow but a bit of a pain after a while :-) hope the move is under control :-)
    Lesley x

  9. It was partly the sound of silence that we all enjoyed on Tuesday too. Too much noise wherever you go I think or ami starting to get old?
    Lovely pictures. I have seen some lovely pictures on many blogs this week.

  10. Hi Andrea.
    I bought my mod podge from here :

    I chose gloss last time, but I think next time I would choose matt.
    Good luck - and I'd love to see photos of whatever you make!