Thursday, 12 February 2009

Crochet, Fab Recipes and a Rant!!

Yeah!! The snow has just about all gone, thank goodness! It is nice to see it seeing as we dont have any that often, but when it started to get in my way and I couldn't get out it started to cheese me off a little!

After seeing Sarah' Fab Crochet Squares from Pink-Petal-Designs I decided that I was going to give these little Beauties a go, my other square is still on the increase...slowly!!! But these just so inspired me to take my hook out of one project and get it going on another....

They are by no means as good as Sarah', she got her wool from the USA and it is thicker than our Double Wool, but I am quite pleased with how they are coming along, I try and do at least one each evening...only one? I hear you mutter, but if I try and do it any faster my tension just goes straight out through the window and they look nothing like a square!!! I think that I will keep to the Pretty Pastel Colours, I may do sone plain white ones to mix in with the colours, I can just see it laid on my Sun Lounger in the Long Hot Summer Days that are coming our way this year!! No, I haven't heard that it is going to be a fab summer, I just made that bit up!!

With all of these great ideas that I keep spotting on my travels around Blogland my Wool stash is getting bigger each week, Thanks goodness for the Tesco CK Bags!!

Hubby and I popped into Exeter on Saturday, and look what little Beauty I bought....

It has some fab recipes in it, when I have more time I will post a few on here,

OK, now for the rant......
Do you take your shoes off in your home? Well we do, and so do most people who come to our home, when we go to other peoples homes we too take off our shoes, but you always get the odd one or two dont you who quite bluntly refuse to take off their shoes, even when they can see that we have left our shoes at the door and are walking around bare footed, what is their problem? Are they really that arrogant? Well, in our new house we are having brand spanking new carpets laid through out the whole house, so, shoes in the house are going to be a definate NO NO!! But why is it we feel embarassed IN OUR OWN HOME and feel that we cant ask people to take off their shoes when they come in? Especially when you can see that they are going to make NO attempt to take them off!!!

Well I am having ths sign made for our new house....

And if they do not read it and take notice I am just going to have to take a deep breath and say.......PLEASE READ THIS SIGN!!!

By the way, these fab signs can be bought at Shabby Chic Retro Signs and Plaques

Rant over....I have been bottling that one up for a few weeks!!

Catch up in a day or two!!


  1. oh I know exactly what you mean about taking shoes off, some people don't and think you are odd because you do, I can only assume they are very rich as they can afford to keep replacing carpets! maybe next time tell(ask)them to stand in the hallway all nigth then maybe they will hopefully get the hint
    Josie x

  2. Lovely squares!

    We have "mock" wood floors(bless me)
    we wear slippers round the house and did all the slippers for guest thing, in the end I gave up, but when it rains I insist!
    However I do not allow shoes in the playroom as the children have to have a street free floor...if you get me! YUK!!!!

    Good luck with the shoe thing....xxxxxx

  3. Ah well, my sister and I have a big thing about taking off shoes and leaving them in the hall. I do it automatically in other people's houses and find it weird that people don't reciprocate. More annoying is those people who know your wishes and still refuse. My dad is one of them and is staying with me at the moment - aaarrrggghhh! He's so good in many ways but the shoe thing is SO annoying (and we have wooden floors).
    Hen x

  4. I know how you feel. We have a friend who I love dearly, but when he comes round ours he never takes his shoes off yet when we go into their lounge, it is a rule. I appreciate that most of our house has solid floors but we have a huge cream rug in our lounge, light brown carpets up the stairs, etc, etc. Gggrrrrrrr! x

  5. We all take are shoes off in our house but we have lots of people that don’t bother!
    I always take mine shoes off when I visit somebody else’s house, if only they would do that here!
    You are doing so well with your crochet…love Lou xxx

  6. I always take my shoes off in other peoples houses. Don't bother in the hallway and longe in our house cause the carpets old and grot, but I keep them off in the dining room and upstairs. When we have new carpets downstairs I will pratically be shouting at people at the door to take their shoes off!

    Love the baking book by the way, pretty colours. xxxx

  7. I think I might print off your post and show it to my Mum! She actually thinks it's rude to ask people to take their shoes off, which is v annoying to me as we have quite new carpets from the stairs and up (fair enough they have got stuff spilled from the girls but I don't really want to add to it!). She wears heels all the time and doesn't take them off for anyone, grrr.

    I do think your squares and book are lovely :)

    mel xxx

  8. I need that sign! We have very pale cream carpet in the lounge and hall/stairs so it drives me nuts when people i.e my dad and in-laws wear their shoes inside.
    Love the crochet squares very pretty.
    Yvonne x

  9. Oh my, I never realised it was such a big thing, we do not remove shoes as a rule because of the carpets or anything, we just put slippers on for comfort... our carpets are grotty and old too boot, plus with a Labrador x Springer racing about its pretty pointless! lol
    I will ask people I visit in the future if they would like me to remove my shoes, Sorry to anyone I may have offended, its not something I was brought up to worry about... I will try harder to consider this aspect of peoples homes! I will crochet some slippers I can carry in my bag...
    My sister in law bought cream Axminster carpets and now her dad won't enter the house. Could be why we have never visited too, she doesn't let anyone further than the kitchen for fear of dirt!
    She possibly is a little nuerotic though! lol

    Sorry to all
    X Alex

  10. Hello from Colorado,

    We have always taken off our shoes in our home. The dirt and germs (dog pee, human spittle, well, we'll just leave it there) that one picks up on the street is terrible.The home is a place of sanctity and should be treated as such. I have seen signs reading, "KINDLY remove your shoes." I once saw it on a large rock that could be placed just outside your front door as "fair warning" to visitors.

  11. Love the sign -- great idea -- think I'll have to order one! We only have carpet in the bedroom areas of our house, but it's almost white and doesn't take much traffic to get grungey.

  12. i try to make sure that everyone takes there shoes off,though most visitors especially the fiances father likes tramping in with his muddy from the garden boots and doesnt think twice about walking over my carpets!

    i have that sweet little pink pot with the wooden spoon attached!

    soo sweet!

    ill look forward to seeing those recipes!

  13. Hi,
    It must be a man thing because my father in law does not seem able to to wipe his feet on the mat let alone not take his shoes off. EVERY time he visits he gats mud on my carpet and I make him watch me wipe it away. I know ask him if he has wiped his feet as he comes in. Am I worrid about offending people? NO, I have to clean it if it gets dirty and I insist that my house is appreciated as much as they appreciate their own. Yes I do have visitors, I have not frightened them off so be brave and say 'shoes off please, we don't want to have to replace the carpet before its 10 year garantee is up' make a firm joke of it. I love the look of the little book too.

  14. I love sugar too!love the bits and bobs so cute.
    please can you send me your email as I am changing my blog to private and want to add you. Your email will be only visible to me
    x Dom
    ps if you want

  15. I agree about the carpet issue - most of our friends do take their shoes off now, but yes you always get the odd one! My children are very good at reminding visitors... helpful! Love the crochet, and I keep my wool in a CK Tesco bag too - it looks so pretty. x

  16. yup, shoes off in my house aswell!

  17. Hi, just discovered your blog and i LOVE it!!!!
    Looks like we have lots of the same things-how funny!
    Kirsty x

  18. Great sign, I could not agree with you more.
    Although if the visitor has smelly feet I worry that they make make themselves very comfortable and put their smellies on my sofa!
    Your squares are pretty, good luck with it.
    Carol x

  19. Hi Andrea

    I thought of you yesterday when I photographed my heart shaped candle holder that I'm sure I bought from you on ebay. Anyway I was just thinking you've been very quiet and wanted to check if you were OK.

    Mel xxx

  20. Don't be afraid to ask guests to remove their shoes. They are unlikely to be offended.

    I have an whole blog about removing shoes in homes: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.