Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sorry for my lack of Blogging!!

Hello everyone!!

I am so sorry for not posting lately, (lately??...I mean for like months!!) as you all know (if you are a follower of my blog that is) we have recently moved house, and I also landed myself a full time job at the same time....not a good idea when you have just moved and there are boxes and boxes in every bit of space that you can see, but, the money is good and so not a good idea to turn it down, and as we all know....a bit of extra cash is ALWAYS good!

I hope that life has been treating you all well, I havent even had the time to pop by your blogs and say hi as it has been soooo manic here, so I do apologise for that, I will catch up soon, I promise!

You know how it is, you move house, you have to either adapt or buy new curtains to fit, well , I adapt, I want a new car with the hard earned money that I am getting (well it seems hard to me, especially at the moment whilst it seems a lifetime since I worked full time!!) So more pressure with cutting, taking up and sewing to fit the windows in our new house, and even though they are not very big windows it all it still takes what seems ages!

My sister in-law and Mother in-law came to see us a fortnight ago and look what my sister in-law bought us....

Aren't they great! We have the Dinner Service like this but not the Egg Cups so they are a Fab addition!

Here is my Car Boot find last week-end....

hubby doesn't like it very fact he hates it!! But, he has said that perhaps it will look better once it is finished, so it is looking hopeful!!
I plan to stash all of my fabric away in it, I am painting it in Dulux White Cotton and covering it with a lush Cath Kidston fabric, I will reveal the finished product soon!! Promise!

Here is my new you like it? I saw it advertised in a brochure just before we moved house, and as I had to sell a few bits before we moved house because they were not going to fit into our new house, I treated myself!!

That reminds me, if aanyone knows where I can get some Non-Flammable Spray Glue from so that I can re-cover that awful Lamp Shade with some Pretty Floral Fabric...Please, Please, do let me know, I did try some Spray Glue that I had, but when it dried it showed all the blobs of Glue through the fabric...YUK!

Well we certainly had gorgeous weather at the week-end didn't we, we have really been able to tuck into getting the garden sorted...more pictures to follow! Although I couldn't resist showing you my Hubbys re-vamped shed.....much to my husbands disgust!

(I think that you should be able to click on the picture for a more zoomed in effect, but don't look too closely at the surrounding area!! This is WIP....Work In Progress!!)

Even the lady in the fabric shop chuckled when I told her that the pretty Pale Green fabric with fresh white Daisies on was for the mans garden shed!! She agreed with me....why would he not like it??...yeah right! I am sure it will grow on him!!

Anyway, must go but I'll be back soon!
P.S, the random pictures are of our new house, most of them whilst it was emty! So will post more lived in type corners of our home soon!! x


  1. Welcome back!
    You're new home looks gorgeous and I love your bed.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Hello, nice to see you posting again! Your new home looks lovely, love the bed, love the fabric box, and oooh that shed! Gorgeous! X

  3. Hi, I love your new house or should I call it a cottage, it has a very cottage'e feel.

    Glad that you are well and that the blog holiday was not due to anything more serious...

    Take care

  4. Oh wow, I love all those curving walls in your new cottage - my grandmother had a cottage with walls like that. Not easy to fit furniture into it though! x

  5. Glad you're back, I was getting quite worried!

    Your new house looks stunning, I LOVE all the character to it and the bed looks gorgeous! What's wrong with the shed?! ;)

    Mel xxx

  6. Welcome back Andrea.
    Please show us more! your cottage looks so interesting. I love your new bed too.
    How exciting a new housey adventure. Keep us posted.
    Carol x

  7. I love your new home. Glad to see yuo back and posting again.


  8. Welcome back, the cottage looks gorgeous, lots of character.
    Yvonne x

  9. Glad your back! The new place looks great, can't wait to see some more pics. xxx

  10. Welcome back, your new home looks lovely. I like the shed! :)

  11. Hi again :)

    Yes the Sophie Kinsella book was good, I really enjoyed this one but then I always like her books! I've finished it now and it has a nice ending too. Definitely worth a read!


  12. Lovely too see you back!
    I love the look of your new home; I can’t wait to see more.
    Love Lou xxx

  13. Lovely to see you back Andrea.

    Your new house looks fab, as does hubby's shed! Can't wait to see more photos.