Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We are on the move!!!!!

Well, we knew that we may have been going to move house soon, once we found what we wanted, now we have found it, the perfect little tiny Thatched Cottage down a little lane, yes, small and Rustic it is! But so very cute!

It is smaller than our house at the moment so some furniture has to go, today I have been taking pictures and putting things on good old Ebay, such as this

And this....

Plus more, all starting off at 99p OH MY GOD!!!!

But it has to be done because it quite simply will not fit into the new house!

Well I have managed to do a bit more of my Crochet...

Coming along nicely me thinks, how much more will get done is beyond me with now having to think about getting boxes to pack up all our worldly possessions!

I have added these little Beauties to my collection of niceies on my dresser, yes, the Dresser that has to go!

My son and his girlfriend gave me a Glass and Silver Photograph frame when they came back from holiday last year, and look what sits on the corner of the frame...

Beautiful isn't it? I still haven't put a photo in it yet though, Doh!!

Anyway, better go before hubby walks in the door from work to see me sat here at this laptop once again jabbering on when oh so much to do!!!

Hope you all having a good week!
P.S Thank you to all my new followers for stopping by, I will Def catch up with you all soon, I promise! x


  1. Oh, it must be so hard listing things that you love on ebay, the cottage must be worth it!!! The crochet is looking beautiful.

    Mel xxx

  2. Gosh how hard it must be listing your furniture on the bay of E. But very funny that you're buying little things to go on a dresser that you're selling!

    The crochet looks terrific.

  3. Good luck with your house move..can't wait to see pics of your new cottage ;-)

  4. How odd.....it says to me stop following, which means i still am?

    I'll add myself again and see what happens.....

    I love the cabinet....hope it sells well for you....and good luck with your move, a cottage sounds just perfect!xx

  5. No i'm still there.....maybe its a gremlin!xx

  6. All done....hope that works...happens to me too....i also use followers to keep up with the new goss!xxx

  7. Good luck with the move :)Gosh how exciting,

    Your crochet work is beautiful what pretty colours, my DH gets cross with me being on here too much, soon he shall be through that door and I have to pretend I am doing something else :)

  8. Ohooo and butterflies are one of my favourite things :)


  9. Last year's move is still fresh enough in my mind for me to shudder at the memory - good luck with that. It's such a HUGE upheaval! x

  10. Good Luck with the move. We have been talking about moving, but we are not sure yet.

    Also the crochet looks great, something I've never been able to master.

  11. I just noticed your lovely Crocheting! I am struggling with mine...
    Sam x

  12. Congratulations, on finding your dream cottage!
    Hope that the move goes well!!!
    Sad that you are selling the wall cabinet... it really is gorgeous!
    By the way, I have an award for you!

    Debbie Moss

    P.S- Love the crochet and the soft colors that you chose!

  13. I have been looking for a dresser just like that one! is it still on ebay?

    THank you for becoming a follower on my blog! and good luck with the move, we have considered moving but we have opted to stay here and see what happens!


  14. I love the sound of your new home!

    Good luck with the move, I will look forward to hearing all about it, and seeing lots of pictures!

    Love Lou xxx

  15. Cottage sounds gorgeous good luck with it. Love the jug and bowl. The crochet's coming along nicely,looks great.
    Yvonne x

  16. thankyou SOOO much for messaging me the link for Crochet - I am determined to crack it!! xx

  17. A BIG thankyou for the crochet link - the website is lovely and just what I was looking for!!


  18. Oooooppps the post from Cartwheel was from me (Gingerwine Sam !)
    My friend was logged in!!

  19. Love the sound of the cottage!! That dresser is gorgeous!! When I moved here, we had to find new homes for furniture thats too big too. It's not an easy thing to do.
    Lovely pics, and lovely crochet, I will have to find my crochet hooks!!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Sharon x

  20. thought I'd stop by and say 'hi' and thanks for following my blog.
    We moved two and half years ago, very stressful, we had 100 boxes of stuff and now son has flown the nest again!(he's like the Terminator, he'll be back!) we were thinking of going into a two bed house but hopefully not for a while yet
    Josie x

  21. Hi there, how are you getting on?xxx

  22. All the best with moving house. I'm looking forward to seeing the cottage.

  23. I moved just recently and I kept the post office and ebay really busy too....
    It was'nt much fun pacing and moving!! ugh!
    Anyway it is worth it when you do it to the house and place you really want to live....That I did!
    Enjoy what you an of the experience....Such great ebay items!!!!
    And thanks for comming by my blog...

  24. How exciting I'd love to live in a thatched cottage can't wait to see some pic's hope it all goes smoothly for you shame youv'e got to sell your lovely furniture!

  25. Oh how lovely a new home, how exciting.
    We need to move soon too, but I love this house but I know we have to do it as we both work from home, my husband being an artist and he really needs studio space so a move will have to be done sometime this year hopefully, although I'm sure we will both find reasons to put it off!
    Good luck with your move