Saturday, 17 January 2009

Crochet at long last and My Painted Cupboard.......

Well it isn't very big, yet, and not very colourful, yet, but here is my Crochet square, I wont tell you how many times I have un-ravelled this and started again, and again, and again, and so many times I have shouted...I can't do it!!!! But I have tried and tried again and again, determined not to be defeated, and this is what I have ended up with so far...I am planning on continuing and adding new colours so will keep bringing you updates on it....if you like it or not!!!!

I found the pattern, what pattern I hear you say! Well, I soooo could not get to grips with it so when I Googled Granny Squares, it bought up a U-Tube Tutorial of the way to crochet this, it is probably sooo easy for most of you out there and I think that I can hear you say, OMG that would have been soooo easy to do!

I need to get the tension better...both with myself and the crochet!! I think that it could be looser stitches and then end up bigger if I was not quite so taught with the wool, but I guess that comes with practise, but I do love it, and it grows sooo quickly...if you know what I mean!!!

And finally here is my Painted Cupboard.....

I think that I am quite pleased with it, it took me such a long time that the novelty kind of wears off doesn't it! Anyhow, there it is, I am going to re-cover a lamp shade to go on a base that I bought from the Car Boot Sale last week for 25p!! Bargain!! So, will show you that in the week once I have mastered it!!
Watch this space....

I have put Black and White Photos of my Mum and Dad in the frames on the top, but as you can see I still need to find a third photo, I could do really with going to my Dad or Aunties House to scrounge around and have a look and see what I can find of any old piccies they may have!

We have just got back after having had a Pub Lunch and a couple of glasses of wine, we have lit the fire and so I think that that is it for today, it is blowing a gale here this afternoon, so we are all battoned down and in for the night curled up on the sofa....aaaahhhh!!

Enjoy the rest of your week-end,



  1. Crochet's looking great, I wouldn't worry too much about the tension, looks fine to me:)
    Love the cupboard too.
    It's starting to get very windy here too I think we're in for a rough night.
    Yvonne x

  2. I love the crochet! I haven't done any in years, but am gradually trying to talk myself into starting a ripple blanket. x

  3. That's brilliant, well done you. I would have given up ages ago (I still have a knitted monkey with no arms, face or ears from 2005!). The cupboard is gorgeous, hopefully you'll start to love it again once the memories of painting it fade!

    Hope you have a great weekend, sounds like a nice start. I've been to work and had an excellent day :)

    Mel xxx

  4. Wow you have done a fab job with your crochet, I’m not very good at it, I really do want to improve, another thing too add too my list.
    love Lou xxx

    PS love the cupboard too!!!

  5. The crochet looks terrific. Really well put together!
    Cupboard looks great too, looking forward to seeing it with the lamp.

  6. Well done! the crochet looks great. I can't crochet for toffee, I just end up holding the crochet hook like a knitting needle.

    Love the cupboard too.

    Jayne xxx

  7. Crochet squares are so addicting, yours looks great!

  8. Ohooo how I wish i could crochet, you are very talented and it looks lovely.

    I love the colour you have chosen for your cupboard, I am normally a cream and white kind of girl, but seeing your pretty cupboard i think I may do a similar one for my dresser I have yet to paint :)


  9. Love your cupboard.
    I'm just about to start some more crochet...yours looks great ;-)

  10. Your crochet looks good... well done. Love the cupboard too.
    The weather has been terrible... I've got to work today but I think it's a stay at home day :(

  11. your crochet looks great not something ive ever tried...and your cubourd looks realy sweet cant wait to see the lampshade, hugs Jan xx

  12. Ah how I would love to light a fire x x

    I am enjoying your blog :) but my DD keeps stalling me because she is a cat fanatic and loves hello kitty! lol

    Love your crochet x x
    ~Buffy x x

  13. Thats lovely Andrea...wonderful!xxx

  14. That square looks perfect to me. How lovely that you've started crocheting - it is really addictive once you begin! Love the cupboard as well - you've been busy!
    Thank you for your comment on my post - the decoupage was really really simple. Anyone could do it! x

  15. Could do with a cupboard like that myself. No room for it but would like it just the same!