Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Noboddy Told Me!!!!!

That this photo of my New toy that I was ranting about in the previous post was missing did they??!! Tut Tut!! Well you are gonna see it now..........

Cute Eh?!!

This is this week's new purchase....

I LOVE it, well just as well really seeing as I have just bought it!! Nice isn't it!

It's a lovely day here today, really sunny and warm, but the ground is really wet so you cant do much outside, I have enough anyhow to be getting on with indoors, remember I showed you The Cupboard that I bought a few weeks ago at the Car Boot sale, well I have finally got around to painting it and so hopefully if I pull my finger out I can post a piccie of the finished result in the next day or two, I am painting it in a Beautiful 'China Blue' coloured paint, I don't normally go for Blues but I think that it is a nice clean fresh looking colour, and it wont be long before we are taking back down our heavy winter curtains, putting back up our fresh bright voiles and opening out our windows and letting the fresh clean bright air back into our homes will it!!! Can't wait!!

I have my son and his girlfriend, and my mum and dad coming for a meal on Thursday evening as it is my Son's 23rd Birthday...doesn't it make you feel soooo old when you say there age, well, especially when they are that age!!
I cant quite decide what to cook, we all love mushrooms except son's girlfriend, she says that they remind her of slugs!! Oh well, I think that I may do Pate for her and Mushrooms in a creamy mascarpone, spinach and garlic sauce with toasted ciabatta on a Bed of Salad for us to start, followed by Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon and stuffed with Mushrooms (I did say we liked mushrooms!!) and Garlic Butter for main course, (yes, we like Garlic too!!) any suggestions on a desert? Something Chocolatie I think????

Anyway, cupboard isn't going to get done sat here waffling on is it?

Back soon!!



  1. Love your new buy.
    I didn't make the foot stool I bought it from Matalan.

  2. That coffee pot is gorgeous! I love it too :)

    I thought it was me missing something on your last post, sorry! It's very nice. Can't wait to see the cupboard.

    Your menu plan sounds nice, how about a big fat chocolate fudge cake for dessert? Or cheesecake?

    Mel xxx

  3. I did think it was missing, but, er, forgot to mention. Looks fun! Love the polka jug. And the sound of your menu. I love mushrooms. Can I come too? ;-) Actually, we're cooking a special birthday meal this thursday...better get planning.

  4. I Love the coffee pot and your menu sounds delicious. I have a mushroom hater in our house too - my husband. He will only eat them if the are smothered in brown sauce!

  5. Pardon my ignorance ... is it a phone?! I've never had a SE - I've heard good things about them though.

    LOVE that coffee pot - so pretty.


  6. Nice to 'meet' you Andrea! Thanks for visiting my blog..so you're in Devon!!
    I'll add you to my faves to follow..and have a good read of yours...Sal ;-)

  7. Hi Andrea
    That pot is lovely. I would have bought it too!. I always find if you dont buy it, the majority of time you end up going back to buy it!.
    My lad is 9 and I cant imagine him being 23, worried he wont want cuddles & kisses anymore!
    Mushrooms yummy, I love them on toast for brekkie sometimes too
    x Dom

  8. Look forward to seeing the cupboard. My fave choc pudding is - well, I love any chocolately pudding - but I most love those flourless cakes that sink and go all squidgy once you get them out of the oven (recipes in Delia Xmas, River Cafe cookbook and also, Nigella's cloud cake). I also love Jamie's chocolate pots... Yes, I am the chocolate expert!
    Hen x

  9. Hi, Thanks for popping in, I had too go and have a look too see what camera I use, it is Panasonic dmc-f27, I hope that means something too you because it means nothing too me, I just love taking photos.

    I love your coffee pot!

    Love Lou xxx

  10. I adore your coffee pot, would match my tablecloth and doggy perfectly :)

    Ohooo have a lovely meal, sounds delicious, I love birthdays, gosh what do you buy a 23 year old male, Mmmmm on second thoughts better not answer that one :)


  11. Think our invitation must have been lost in the post but cant come anyway as I am working....

    Have a great night with 'N' and I will send his card and prezzie to 'A's house...

    Love the jug would add to my collection nicely....

    How about borrowing my chocoalte fountain for dessert, we used it on New Years Eve and it was great fun....???? You can borrow it for a smal fee sis...


  12. ooo very snazzy new phone - i love new phones I want one now :-( really like the pink spotty jug!!!
    Lesley x

  13. oh and sorry cant talk about food as on a very strict diet so *puts fingers in ears* laalalalala not listening and drooling at the thought of chocolate fountains............ :-D

  14. Thanks for your lovely comment on my post... regarding my daughters huge collection of teddie bears!
    I love your coffee pot and I too can`t wait to seethe finnished cupboard.
    Is it done, yet!?
    Come on chop! Chop!
    Sorry about me being so bossy, just trying to motivate you to do it!
    I know how its like, too many projects to do... but 0 motivation to do them...
    I will be coming back sometime next week to see it!!!
    Debbie Moss

  15. ooh reading what you were cooking is naking me feel so hungry now rumble rumble. The weather here is poo! Nevermind lots of felt to chop and sew and a choccy biscuit with my name on is calling me

  16. Sounds a lovely menu, making me hungry.

  17. I'm not being biased but I do feel that you earn one of my awards.....


  18. Nice new toy! Have not got a clue how to use one of them. Do I detect a Cath Kidston quilt as the photo background? Lovely fabric. Great coffee pot too, I am not sure if I could sneak a oink item like that into the kitchen without my husband commenting. Did you get my reply email because the address looks like your website? xx

  19. Love , love, love the coffee pot.


  20. Hope you don't mind, but I have tagged you today on my blog.
    By the way I love reading your blog and the beautiful polka dot coffee pot.

  21. I love that coffee pot too!
    I know just what you mean about feeling old when you tell people your childrens ages...lol still call them children even though they are all in their 20's!
    Carol xxx