Thursday, 8 January 2009

BRRRR It's sooo Cold isn't it?!!

Afternoon everybody, I hope that you are all wrapped up nice and warm on this frosty cold day, it's meant to get warmer nearer the week-end....but guess what, yep, rain is forecast thats why, I so prefer it to be cold and dry than wet and miserable don't you?

Only thing is when it does get this cold, dont your lips dry out so much more? Well, I have the ideal solution for that.....

It's LUSH, hope my hubby doesn't read this post as he hates that word (lush) but it is!!

Have any of you had this months copy of Country Homes and Interiors? Well, it's well worth getting, there are some really good articles in it, there is also a few pages of Chocolate Recipes, they are scrumptious, but I have yet to try and make them!! There is also a coupon that you have to send off for a free Pashmina Scarf, you have to pay the £4.99 P&P, but it's still a really good offer I thought!

I normally pass my latest magazine additions on to my mum and sister but they wont be getting there mitts on this one, oh no, this one is going to stay with me!!

I have been showing you all my goodies that I have treated myself to lately but forgot to show you what hubby bought me for Christmas....

I have wanted this for soooo long I can't tell you, it was a total surprise!! He got his mum to get it for him so that I wouldn't see the receipt for it on any bank statements or emails etc!!

And this also was a real whopping surprise, since my Cath Kidston one went bang I have been using a crappy cheap thing from Tesco's, don't get me wrong nothing wrong with Tescos Mobile phones, just that the one that I had was bottom of the bottom of the range!! And this little star is the Bee's Knees, well it is to me anyway, with it's 3.2 Megapixel camera, and when you want to change a Music Track, you just shake it!! Wicked!!

Anyway back to my Painting of Hearts I go, think I will just make a quick coffee to take with me, enjoy the rest of the week!!



  1. Painting hearts sounds lovely and relaxing! I love those bags - they always cheer me up when I spot them out and about. Have a good day. x

  2. I just llooovvveeeeeeeeeee you bag....and the CK lip balm is LUSH...still meaning to buy one!xxx

  3. Must try that Kidston lip balm, I have real trouble with dry lips at the moment and have resorted to mixing vaseline with moisturiser in an attempt to try and improve them!

    Your magazine looks good, might see if I can persuade hubby to treat me to it when we go shopping, normally I only read my Mum's handed on copy of 25 Beautiful Homes. I always keep them, when too many build up I cut out my favourite pics and stick them in a folder.

    The mobile sounds good, wish my other half was that thoughtful!!!

    Mel xxx

  4. Oooohhhh you lucky lucky thing you!
    I've had a flick through the mag in the shops but didn't buy it ~ very unlike me it must be said!!!
    I haven't tried the CK lip balm but I am a huge fan of lip balm and use it as lipstick and generally only use colour when going out on night.
    Ta ta for now

  5. I have just had a little look back and am loving your blog I am adding you to my faves :) you got some gorgeous CK bits and what a beautiful swap from Hen X Gem

  6. What a gorgeous bag

    Thanks for the uplifting words, I am now feeling much better, and can see the sunshine once again


  7. great bag Andrea! And I love you new blog design.


  8. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for your lovely comment, too!
    I love the bag,... I may have to wait until April, when my birthday is, to get hold of one!
    What a shame!!!
    Thanks for informing us about the magazine, I will be getting one tonight!!!
    Debbie Moss


  9. ll not only do we have the same first name (Andrea is not that common really) but also have the same love of Cath Kidston and the same red bag!! I kept looking at it and took the plunge a few months ago, in fact it is next to me know with my current knitting project and sewing in it. What function do you use for your BUY NOW on your shop blog. Is it E-junkie? I have been having problem with mine?

  10. Thank so much for the crochet advice , i am going to have a go this weekend so i promise i will blog about it !!

    Sara x

  11. Gosh that was a quick reply. They have started selling a few Cath Kidston toiletires at Heligan. Where in Cornwall are you from? I live in Par. Originally from Cambridgeshire, my job brought me down here. Been here for nearly 14 years. Can you inport/upload the buy it now button from paypal. The reason I am asking is that I did try to puload those buttons here and there on my blog but it always ended up miles from the photo, often in the margin too. I gave up in the end! It was with a site called E-junkie. If you could help it would solve a problem that I have been trying to sort out for a year. Many thanks Andrea

  12. Hi, it didn't take too long really, probably an hour and a half max but I enjoy making them so the time flies. It takes so much longer to do ones with embroidery on!

    Hope you have a good weekend xxx

    ps my word verification today for you is novel - first proper word I've had yet!

  13. I think that would be a lovely way to display an old brooch. Of course you can steal my idea! X

  14. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.
    The lip balm looks wonderful - I must buy some!
    jayne xxx

  15. Hi i love that print too. We are very lucky girlies!. I havent used it yet, I just keep admiring it!(its a girl thing !, I am sure you know the feeling too!). I am still eyeing up some things in the ck book. The lip balm looks lovely, when lip balms are really nice and smell good I cant stop putting them on!
    Have a lovely evening x Dom

  16. I'm going to have to check out that lip balm, it looks like it would have the most wonderful scent : )

  17. Oooh I have that bag too..great choice ;-)