Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My New Shop and more Cath Kidston Goodies!!

Yet another parcel arrived for me this morning....

Fabric Softener..

Hand Wash and Hand Lotion..

2 x New Mugs for our Morning Coffee..

Gosh I LOVE Buying new things...especially Cath Kidston goodies, I just have the buying bug at the moment, but according to my hubby it has to stop!! Doh!!

I have opened up a New Andrea Fay's Blog Shop, I was going to stop making things and restoring items that needed bringing back to life instead of it being thrown away, but then I thought...what would I do with my days that I don't work?? And to tell the truth, I really enjoy it so why give up something that brings satisfaction?!

Andrea Fays Shop

When you have a moment pop along and see what I have listed so far, I plan to add new things to it every couple of days and it will consist of items that I have made and also items that I have managed to source along my travels that I think people will like to add some Vintage Chic to your homes!

Before I go I wanted to show you what Hen from HenHouse sent me as our Christmas Swop....

Fleece Socks, A Beautiful Patchwork Cushion, Fantastic Slippers, Fabric Coasters (all of which I believe that Hen made herself...Clever Girl!!) And a Cath Kidston Mug...Lucky Lucky Me!!!

Hope that you are all enjoying your week,



  1. Thank you hun!

    Oh i just love what you bought, is the CK washing stuff good?
    It smells lovely.....i had sniff the other day...in the Trafford Centre,

    Hen is amazing...what a wonderful clutch of goodies, i'm staggered!xx

  2. Love your purchases! I've been naughty and sent for the CK address book and selection of labels & stickers! Couldn't resist!
    Willow x

  3. What lovely swap goodies, you lucky thing you!
    Often looked at the CK washing stuff and wondered if it's any good. Unlike MelMel i've not had the pleasure of smelling it.
    Just popped by your shop, you have some lovely items there and I will definately be popping back.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  4. oh I do love the CK handwash etc ! and what a lucky lady you are getting goodies from Hen in the swap :-) going to have a look in your shop now !
    lesley x

  5. Thanks Andrea :)

    Nice swap goodies, and I love what you got from CK, you'll have to let us know if it's any good! The mugs are sweet, what a coincidence to get one from your swap too!

    Will have a little browse of your shop in a bit xxx

  6. Thanks for dropping by.
    I cut the background from my pictures using a programme similar to Photoshop - only my package is easier to use!

  7. Your bank balance must have taken a little bit of a hit with all those lovely goodies!

    You were also a lucky bunny with your swap!

    Vanessa x

  8. Gosh, I had no idea CK even DID washing stuff like that. Is it fantastic? Does it smell wonderful?


  9. Do we have a CK obsession here? Enjoy all your lovely purchases.Your swap from Hen was amazing. I have that CK mug at work but I only half fill it as it holds so much!