Saturday, 3 January 2009

Well what a Beautiful Day....But Soooo Cold!!!

When I looked out of the Bedroom window this morning I could not believe what I saw.....Simply Beautiful,

Although next week when I return to work and am having to venture out into this at 6.30am in the morning my opinion of this icy cold weather will be probably some what different! But for now I am just soaking up my last few days of being off work,

It it probably time though for me to return to work, I have been sitting in front of my fire and browsing the Big Wide World Web and spending a bit of money, no, alot of money, but so well worth it! Take a look....

A Cath Kidston Address Book

A Cath Kidston Home Ideas Journal, looks fab, havent made any entries in it yet though!

My Yummies from Amazon, (Photos borrowed from Amazon...well I did buy the book from them!)

Flea Market Finds (No, you can't click to look inside!!)

Cath Kidston In Print

Junk Style

And last but not least.....The Thrift Book

That is not all, but I do not want to bore you too much, however I will be back as I still have my Fab goodies that Hen from HenHouse sent me for our Christmas swop to show you, what I received was truely Beautiful and they are all still sat on my Rocking Chair, too nice to use or wear....what can it be I hear you thinking?! Time will tell!

I shall probably not post again tomorrow as I would really like to get all of my ironing done before I go back to work...yes, 12 days off work and I leave it until the very last day before doing it, tomorrow hubby and I plan to get up quite early, got to get back in to the habit of getting up early, I have just adored getting up at around 9am and slouching around in my Dressing Gown until, well, I wont tell you until what time, its soooo embarassing! Anyway, we plan on getting up quite early, getting a few jobs done, and I really hope the ironing wll get done but even as I am writing this I am thinking, does it matter if I go back to work and there is still ironing in the basket? I think not, I would like to walk the dog around the fields and then we plan to light the fire quite early on in the afternoon, have our Roast and a few glasses of Wine and chill out for the afternoon.....ahhh bliss!

Have a good week-end what's left of it and will catch up again next week,



  1. ha ha leave the ironing! I shied mine in the cupboard for the moment having realised to my shock the kids aren't back in school until thursday!! W're off to our bird reserve tomorrow with them which they adore, coats, woolie hats and scarves on and a steming hot choccy afterwards. Great to find your blog!

  2. Thanks for popping along to my blog - I'm glad you did, cos I love those frosty pictures you've posted!
    I know just what you mean about getting back into a routine - we're going to enjoy our last lie in tomorrow, and then it'll be a shock on Monday morning! It's been so nice having a solid 2 weeks off. As for the ironing... yuk! x

  3. Hi there, only just got on here...:>))

    Love all your buys, amazon is fantastic!

    I have the home journal....lovely fun filling it in...i'm sure you will enjoy it Andrea!


  4. Good luck with the ironing, I absolutely detest it!!! Hope going back to work isn't too bad, I feel guilty for moaning when I only have to do weekends :-S

    You have such an amazing view from your house, I can't believe it! Must be so great to be able to see sheep and horses as well as that beautiful scenery. I'm too much of a town lover to actually live in the country (despite loving all things to do with it!) but pics like that make me want to reconsider!

    The CK Home Journal looks fab, I must add that to my wish list. I've got the Flea Market Finds book and it's really good, I learned a lot from it.

    Hope you enjoy your last day of freedom, your plans are wonderful xxx

  5. Those pictures are amazing - such beautiful countryside.

    I did the ironing yesterday afternoon whilst watching 'Mama Mia' on dvd. I think I'll always associate that film with ironing now, so maybe it wasn't the right tack?!

    Good luck for your return to work - I have the school mornings starting again tomorrow ... yuk! :-(


  6. I say, just iron what you need for the next two days .... and hide the rest!!!! My motto over the hols has been "if you want to wear it - iron it" ... everything else can wait! (yes, ok, head-in-sand moment there!)

    Lovely views from your home!

    Willow xx

  7. Glad to see you have the thrift book, such a great read!
    Happy reading!
    Beki xxx

  8. Hi Andrea,
    I`m so glad to have found your lovely blog!
    Its so pretty, that I`m going to add you to my favorites to read!
    Debbie Moss

    P.S - Keep up with the good work for 2009!

  9. Hi what a lovely view to have outside your window. Very beautifull too.
    Love your pressies too, I ordered the thrift book. Hoping it gives me motivation to be more thrifty .Will swap notes!

  10. Cheers honey and i hope work goes ok !
    I am lucky that the school run is a nice walk even if ts freezing .

    Sara x

  11. Hi there, some super buys!
    We have just had a cold but welcome walk round Holmfirth!xxx

  12. Happy new year Andrea :-) looks like you got some lovely goodies !!! hope work isnt to hard to get back into :-)
    Lesley x

  13. Hi Andrea

    What a beautiful view! I know what you mean about the frost though, OH and I went for a lovely long walk (the same route that I hope to be able to run by the end of the year)with the frost covered hedges looking glorious, we then came back to a roaring fire today but I'm not sure I will be so enamored with the frost tomorrow when I am having to scrap the car for my first day back at work since before christmas!

    Take care


  14. Sorry - I forgot to say, I love the new design on your blog. x

  15. Haooy New Year to you too Andrea.
    I have most of your
    What a wonderful view you have from your bedroom window.
    Gorgeous photos.
    Carol xxx

  16. OOhhh I always leave the ironing too, I really hate doing it!
    I bought that Flea Market Finds book off e-bay a few years ago, I think it is a really nice little book.

  17. Hi Andrea, I sell online through Etsy at the mo I did try Dewanda for a while but it was sooo slow and not as good as Etsy overall. I am thinking baout doing my own webpage at some point this year. Locally I have my felt jewellery in 2 galleries in Swansea and I'd love to branch out further afield. Just put down my needles after sewing some felted flower brooches tonight, using some lovely ceramic buttons again. Watch out in Etsy I'm lisitng them tomorrow. So nice to have found someone new online! Have a great week Clairex