Friday, 3 October 2008

Our Duck has made an appearance!!!!

Here she is...with great pleasure I bring you Emily Duck!!!!

But, I think that she passed the word around inside that there was a woman outside and pointing something at us (a camera!!), and so now there is a chicken on look out!!!

Tomorrow we are going to let them have the run of the garden...but I am a bit afraid as they are still quite nervous of us and so will they run and run and run away from us and never come back? Maybe I won't let them out to roam free...but I should, as that is what they want, what do I do? watch this space!!!

Have a great week-end whatever you do, I am back to normal (in work life) next week so will be in touch more courses to go on...yeah!!!!!!



  1. Emily is so sweet Andrea! I wouldn't worry too much about letting your hens into the garden. They have had over a week to get to know their house and mine have always been very good at going back in when the light starts to fade - I didn't get a say in letting them out, they just flew over the fence and then waited at the gate to be let back in at the end of the day.

    Good luck and have a good weekend

  2. Gosh, Emily's very beautiful. I'm sure they'll be fine. Our neighbours used to let their hens out all the time. The biggest disadvantage was the chicken poop all over the garden :-O

    Have a good weekend. x

  3. Oh, let them out, let them out! They should be fine now you've kept them inside for a few days; they know where their home is now. And they'll be having short days too.
    Don't worry about poop's grat fertiliser!
    Emily looks very camera shy doesn't she, bless her.
    Deb x

  4. Hello me dear!
    Sorry just seen your sending this b4 i dash!
    Posting some gifts to bloggers today!
    To cheer them up!

    Lovely sunny day here....yippee!!

    Have agood one yourself...and thank you for popping in...and for the lovely comment!!xxxxxx

  5. You read my mind.......just put it up in the guest room!
    LOL.....i was going to sit down and rest but it was looking me!!! all cute and begging to be homed!
    hahahahhahahaha...picture on its way!!!xxxx