Sunday, 28 September 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Only a quick post I am afraid, as it has been such as busy, busy week-end and I am back to work tomorrow for three full days in a row.....Oh, My, God!!!!!

Anyway, less about me, look what my son, his girlfriend and my husband bought for my Birthday on Saturday!!!

And poor hubby has been slogging away soooo hard at this...

I think that he has done a really good job don't you? I LOVE it!!

And yes, to those of you who expressed a concern about me only getting One Chicken and a Duck, well I did get TWO Chickens and a Duck....and... they all seem to be getting along just fine...eek...touch wood somebody!!! The lady that breeds them said that the duck will attach itself to any other animals within the household so it is not a problem in having only one duck!! The one thing that I can say about her is that she is sooooo afraid, (she is only 14 weeks old!!) and when she comes out to stay for long enough for me to able to get a piccy of her I can then show her to all of you!!

But for now, it is back to reality, (hate it!!) I need to go and get clothes etc sorted ready for the morning for work, Packed Lunch done, food in the Chicken feeder ready to pop into the Chicken (and Duck!) run in the morning, when I let them out, I have put fresh water out for them already for tomorrow but didn't want to put more food out yet for fear of attracting Rats/Mice, and get the washing in off the line, I think that week-ends should def be longer!

I will be back in touch nearer the end of the week with an update of ....Katie, Lucy, and Emily!!! (Emily is the Duck and Lucy is the slightly fatter of the Chickens)



  1. I love your chickens and their new home! what a wonderful present!
    Happy belated birthday!
    Thank you for the nice comment!
    I'm pleased with it!
    Just spotted the cushions on your site.....going to look at them!xxxxx

  2. I'm following your blog!

  3. Hi Andrea

    Love your hen's - are they light sussex? Wait until they give you eggs, shop bought eggs, even organic just don't compare! I think it must be something about ducks as ours are very timid as well and we have had them since they were 6 weeks old so I don't know why.
    I hope work goes ok.

  4. Ive just found your blog and cant wait to have a read it looks lovely - happy birthday and happy new chickens and duck! Just come back from Dorset for a weeks holiday - I now need to move to Devon/Dorset and am v envious of people who already do :-)
    Lesley x

  5. Hi Andrea,
    Your chickens are very pretty girls. I'm so pleased you got two in the end. You will never get over the egg-citement (sorry, couldn't resist!) of finding those lovely warm eggs waiting for you. Nothing else compares.
    And what a lovely job you've made of their little house...very sweet. And I love their names!
    \My Betty was very thoughtful and laid her first egg on Mothers day!
    Deb x

  6. Happy Birthday! That's one fabulous hen house! x

  7. Hi Andrea,
    I'm really sorry, but I've tagged you! See my blog for details,
    Deb x

  8. Hiya, I'm sooo glad you gt 2 hens! :-) hehe. Th duck should be OK, I think they are much more independent than hens. Don't worry about lettign them out, just show them a bit of sweetcorn and they'll come running back! LOL.