Tuesday, 23 September 2008

My New Cath Kidston Bags!!

Well, I have been really spoilt this week, my wonderful husband has surprised me, twice!! With these TWO Cath Kidston Bags from Tesco!! Aren't they great?!

I think that I am going to use this one as my Knitting Bag! I did make one out of some CK fabric once but when I went to put my balls of wool and needles into the bag they would not all fit...I only have about 6 balls of wool so far (all given to me by my mother in-law) to practise with as I have yet to really grasp how to knit, well properly knit anyway! I can do the basic plain knit thing but when it comes to making a pattern or anything complicated I am hopeless! So I think that until I have time to actually sit down and get it all back out again, this bag will do just fine to store it all in. They are too nice to use to throw into the boot of the car until next time that you go shopping, I think that they should be all on display!

We are having some really lovely weather here at the moment, and they say that it is going to last for a few days to come too! I do hope so as on saturday it is my Birthday and we are going off to get my Chicken and Duck... I cant wait!! I feel i bit mean just getting one Chicken and one Duck, but I really do want one of each and really hope that they will keep each other company as I would hate it if they felt all alone, they will live and sleep together so will never be seperated, unless they really take a disliking to each other and have to be parted! I will let you all know how it goes!!

Take care for now and enjoy your rest of the week,



  1. How lovely the green one is!! i've not seen that one yet...will have to pop to tescos on my way to dancing tonight!
    I'm feeling a lot more with it today.....i'm having a lot of family issues at the moment.....which is making me sigh.....but the sun is out and i've had agood day!!xxxxx
    Thank you for caring...how are you today!???

  2. Hi Andrea.
    Thanks for visiting.

    Another chicken fancier! There must be something catching in blogland. I hope you get your chickens soon....you'll love it. They're the best 'pets' I've ever had. I have to say I love my eglu, well worth the money; easy to clean and move around if you intend to have it in your garden, like me. Then your lawn can recover! And the most important thing - secure. they're also a great investment as they need no maintenance and will last forever (no, I don't work for Omlet!)
    Do you know what sort you'll be getting. Next time (if!) it'll be ex-battery girls for me. Just remember...if you give them sweetcorn, you'll have friends for life LOL!
    Deb x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog Andrea. My mum phoned me this evening to tell me that she has got me the green bag with roses on from Tesco. I think I might copy your idea and make it my knitting bag, well crochet actually.

    We have only one chicken. We had 15 but one by one they were attacked by something over a period of a few weeks and as we were selling the house we didn't get any more and fully expected the last one to be killed too. That was over a year ago now and we are no longer selling the house. She seems very happy to be the only chicken and thinks she is one of us. She jumps up at the kitchen window ledge and pecks on the window when she wants to be stroked or fed!

  4. Hello Andrea - thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Those bags are gorgeous - a visit to Tesco for me soon, methinks. ;-)


  5. Hi Andrea, the bags are nice aren't they. You're right, we've had some beautiful weather recently - hope there's more to come. Clare x PS. The raspberry canes are in the ground, they've been in just 2 years and are flourishing at the bottom of the garden under the shade of some large conifers!

  6. Hi Andrea, I am so loving those bags, got the rose one today. Good luck with the chicken and duck. We love our little hens, they are so inquisitive and each one has her own character. Fresh eggs are a bonus too, you can't beat them for flavour and colour. Despite the fox problems, I would hate to be without them now. Dev X

  7. Hello and Happy Birthday to you too!!! Thanks for my birthday wishes, I had a great day thank you.
    Love those CK bags, I won one recently in a giveaway, they're great aren;t they.
    Hope you're enjoying your chicken and ducks

  8. Hi, sorry I just had to say this for the sake of the hens! I highly recommend you should get minimum 2 chickens. 1) If you need to get just one later on it's difficult because they can be quite vicious towards one another - it's easier to introduce two to the new surroundings together (hen pecking as they call it) and 2) we have two chickens and they get very bored when one is laying an egg so imagine how miserable one would be!? They are very sociable animals and love to have company.

    Sorry to be so dictatorial but I'd hate to see an unhappy hen!

    Sian x

  9. I live so far far far away from Tesco..Anyone want to buy me a Cath bag? I pay shipping and for the bag..or we can trade something from America!!

    Happy Fall!

  10. They are so beautiful and I love the white one more. Do you know you can request a FREE swatch from cathkidston.co.uk
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