Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I am back!!!

It's been such a long time since I last posted, I am sorry, it's just that there has been such a lot happening including returning back to work, having to venture back into the big wide open world!!! What with the credit crunch..don't you just get fed up with hearing about that? Prices have gone up and everyone is feeling the pinch, so we have just got to face up to it I guess and cut back on a few things or at least just be a little more careful with spending than we were a few months ago!

Well I guess Autumn is finally here, the grass is really wet and the air in the mornings is really damp and misty, although not when I first get up at 5.30am! It is pitch Black!! I never was a morning person, but good old hubby has rows of cups of caffeine waiting for me in the mornings to try and get me moving into action! It isn't too bad though as I finish work at 2.30pm so still have a little of the afternoon to catch up with a few things before eating our evening meal, followed with a glass of wine and then lighting the fire ... to fall straight to sleep as soon as I curl up on the sofa! Sometimes that is sooo annoying, especially when there is something that you would like to watch on the TV (not very often I have to say!!) but sometimes I just cannot keep my eyelids open!!

Do you like my new Rocking Chair? I originally purchased it to Restore and Paint in a Farrow and Ball paint and pop it on to my Web site but I have decided that it looks rather homely in my lounge! So its mine to keep!! Sorry!!

I have been reading some lovely blogs in the last few days that I have come across, especially those that have a story connected regarding keeping Chickens, as I have decided that I want to have some of my own Chickens and hopefully some Ducks! Thank you to Diary of a Tinyholder and Vintage Pretty and Shabby for inspiring me to go ahead and get some!

Lots of planning though ahead! A Home is needed for them, along with a run and feed and feeders...oh my goodness the list! What I would really like is this...

But I am afraid that to start with, their new home will be...

I will make sure that it is Fox protected and warm and safe, one day they too can be upgraded to the penthouse!

We have also been to a fab wedding of my Cousins, it was held at Cameley Lodge in Somerset, WOW what a Beautiful setting!! We all had a fab day, it is so nice to go to the venue and not have to travel around to the Church, Reception, Hotel etc etc, all held under one roof is so much easier, the brides Flowers were Beautiful, take a peak!

More to come in the next few days!!

Take Care


  1. Hi,

    Good to see you back.

    The wedding sounds lovely and I agree that it is much nicer having it all in one place.

    Racheal x

  2. qwqsaI think your chickens will love their rustic house, I much prefer it to the plastic versions! Hubby made me a lovely house for mine, which I have painted in lovely cuprinol heritage shades, with a smaller house for our 3 ducks.

    enjoy the hen keeping.......and of course the eggs!

  3. Hello!
    Nice to meet you Andrea.....i think chicken keeping is cool...something i would love to do when i escape from the city!
    I've been enjoying Lost in Austen....fantastic program....i think it will encourage a whole new generation of young women to embrace the wonder of Austen.....i love her books......are you a fan?

  4. Hi there,

    Just read your post about chicken keeping, all I can say is go for it!

    We've been keeping chickens now for about a month.

    My wife's parents had chickens in their garden whilst she was growing up, and our neighbours already have a 'back garden flock' - so we've got some 'experienced' people standing by should we need it.

    We've already had highs and lows - from first eggs, to first fox attack!

    Our kids love the chickens, our dog is now 'trustworthy' enough to be left out in the garden with them... Fingers crossed there's been no mishaps!

    We're suffering from a chicken keeping affliction though... Chicken watching!

    If you're the kind of person who likes to stare at fires, then you'll find that chickens pecking around the garden is as equally hypnotising!

    Keep us updated and post some pictures of the chicken house and chickens you end up getting.

    Kind Regards
    Keeping Chickens

  5. It is so funny!
    My husband is not keen and can't understand why i was laughing so very much!

    please pop i again...i'm having so much fun meeting new ppl on here!

  6. hello...ITV.com has the first two eps still available.....if you wanted to catch up...they are on there for the next 30 days or so.......so you can watch online.....fantastic!

  7. I`m asking to all the Bloggers to support our dear FRIEND Mandy!
    Please do come over, and DO LEAVE A COMMENT!

    Debbie Moss

    Thanks so much for your SUPPORT!

  8. Hi Andrea - good to see you back. Thanks for your comment about the monkeys. Yes, I take orders, but I'm afraid I'm probably committed up to Christmas now. Still - there is a whole year before the next one!

    I particularly love that rocking chair you've got there - no wonder you decided to keep it!

    Take care. x

  9. Love the rocking chair, I have one similar but find I keep catching my ankles on its rockers - I think it's days are numbered! I have a few more lampshades waiting for re-vamps too.
    Lucy x