Friday, 25 April 2008

Spring really is here!!

When you see things like this popping up out of the cracks in the Garden Wall they really do make us smile, sigh, and think, wow, at last, Spring really is eventually with us, I think that we have all been so very desperate this year, more so than ever, for it to appear, it has felt like such a long time coming! How wonderful it is also to be able to open out our windows in the mornings and air our homes with some fresh, warm, clean air. Don't you find that you seem to accumulate more washing and ironing though!! If you are anything like me I tend to think wow, it is a Beautiful drying day so go around the house gathering up clothes that have perhaps only been worn once and do not really need washing just yet, but hey, it might be raining tomorrow so lets get anything that we can find washed today!! But then when you peg it all in later in the day you think to yourself, did I really need to wash all of this? No, and I now have masses of ironing!! Oh well, never mind.

After our initial disaster of our New freestanding Greenhouse blowing over with horrific winds that we experienced a few weeks ago and losing all of our trays of newly planted seeds, we were determined not to be put off by this and so we rolled up our sleeves and went about cleaning everything up and re-potting new seeds, and we have finally been rewarded...look what is standing tall in their pots!!
Rocket Salad!! Yummy, not tried any yet, and haven't before come to think of it but it looks quite nice doesn't it!

Well, not yet, but I hope that there will be in a few weeks!

You can tell that it is getting warmer as there are Flies everywhere, I know that we live in the country so we will obviously have more, but they are such disgusting little things, we have googled how to get rid of flies using Natural products and from what we can find they suggest using Garlic and/or Basil as flies supposedly do not like these, so, I rubbed Fresh Garlic all of the way around our Garden table, look what happened!!

They loved it!!!

So, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of them, or at least lower the population in my Garden I would love to hear how!!!

Have a good week-end and I hope that you will be Fly free whilst enjoying the Sun Shine!!



  1. Good luck with the seedlings , im a bit late this year getting ours going that and i have run out of potting compost !!

    I have added a new link to you as well ;0)

    Sara x

  2. Pleased to see those seedlings looking so good. Mine our getting frazzled in the green house as it has been so hot.
    Flies... i don't know... i would have thought they would not like the garlic...pesky things!
    look forward to seeing your harvests later in the year.
    ginny x

  3. Just wanted to say hi - I found your blog today and am looking forward to looking at your shop.
    I dont know if this helps with the flies - I found it on the Internet while I was looking to solve the same problem.

    Use mint as a fly repellent. Small sachets of crushed mint can be placed around the home to discourage flies.
    Bay leaves, cloves and eucalyptus wrapped in small cheesecloth squares can be hung by open windows or doors.

    Good luck with it.