Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Chicken House Production Line!!

Hi all, well its been a few days since I last posted, where does the time go? I know...Chicken and Duck watching!! Goodness they are time wasters, you just pop out to say hello to them and before you know it a whole hour has past by!

O.K, this is how our week-end went, we had an old wooden box sat in our garden which my husband had converted into a Chicken House for me (prior to my chickens arriving) and the more that I had looked at it the more I thought that I wanted something a liitle more "Up market" shall we say, so, we placed an advertisement in our local newspaper advertising it for sale at £25.00, well we could have sold it over and over again, we had soooo many phone calls from people wanting it!! So, clever husband decided that he was going to have a go at making a proper one from re-cycled wood, well, look what it turned out like!

It's fab isn't it?! It has a perch inside as well as a Nesting Box, the back door opens down so that you can collect your Eggs easily! At only £60.00 each we now have orders being placed for them!!! The great thing with them is that he is making them flat packed so that we can send them out via Courier service!

I couldn't wait to show you this...our very first egg from our Girls! Not sure which one laid it but who cares!! Weighing it at 59 grammes!!

Well my Sister in-law is due to have her second child any day now so we are on stand by waiting for the phone call to say that he/she has arrived, it's lovely not knowing what it is going to be, well, obviously it is going to be a baby! But it will be a surprise not knowing if it's a Girl or a Boy, so many people find out these days what sex their baby is before they are born and it kind of takes away the excitement!

The evenings are really starting to draw in aren't they, only just over a week and the clocks go back! There is something about Winter time and lighting the Fire and cosying up on the sofa with a Glass of wine and a magazine or book, I LOVE having the candles going too, it makes it all the more warm and cosy (these ones are on my web site and only 99p each if you want to treat yourself!!)

Oh, by the way, look at what Mr Postie delivered this week...

Since reading lots of other Blogs and getting very jealous at what was being crocheted by fellow Bloggers, I decided that I wanted to give it a you think that I could get the hang of it?! NO, I kept getting holes, missed stitches, extra loops on the hook that I shouldn't have, oh dear, I could not get to grips with it, so I have now bought this...well they do say it's for Dummies!! Watch this space, I will let you know how I get on!!

Anyway, better go and gets some more logs in ready for later, Coronation Street on tonight...will she marry Liam or Tony?!!!

Take Care for now


  1. Hi Andrea - I had forgotten how exciting it was to have the first egg, you've brought it all back to me. Are your ladies enjoying the free ranging?

  2. Gosh, what a jolly clever husband you have. I'm not surprised you're doing a roaring trade in those hen houses - it's lovely!

    I can't crochet either. I should learn - is it hard? x

  3. Wow, great chicken house, but methinks too cheap! (cheep? groan) I think you'll do a roaring trade. Much as I love my eglu, traditional wooden houses do look fab in the garden. Isn't your first egg SO exciting? I'm still over the moon whenever I get one and I've had Betty nearly four years!
    Can't wait to see how the crochet book works out for you...may have to buy it and we can learn 'together'!
    Deb x

  4. Evening!
    Do you mean the little set from Olly?
    It's alittle writing set...but comes with stickers and sweet could just as easily use them for card making or scrap booking.....they are very nice!
    Cheaper too on Amazon...than the CK shops!
    Have you had a good day!?

  5. Hello Andrea, how nice to see someone else from Exeter...I found you while looking at everyone from Exeter but I now see we are connected through other people!! I would love to have chickens...fresh eggs everyday, what a treat. Great blog :) xx

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  7. Hello Andrea, the fabric shop is Percy''s this the one you were think of?? The make book is ok but not sure how much I'll make from it.
    By the way I can crochet, well granny squares & I can follow some patterns....if the book doesn't work let me know, we could meet for coffee & you can have a look at the make book before buying!! :) XX

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  9. I've never been to that shop but my friend say's she brought a house nearby just to be close to it!!! I went passed it with my dad in the car on friday but he didn't seem keen to stop.
    Yes I work full time at habitat, my dream would be to become a
    1950's house wife, looking after the house, sewing & baking, although I don't want the children!! What do you do?? x