Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Apples, Apples and more Apples!!


Look what my neighbour dropped in for me last evening from her garden, lots and lots of Apples! I am planning on making some Apple Crumble and some Apple Cake and I would like to make some Apple Sauce for when we have Roast Pork...any suggestions as to the best way to do this...or even any more Apple recipes so that I can put all of these Delicious Apples to good use?

Look what I was given last week, a Vintage Jones Sewing Machine, I LOVE it! It has all the original tools with it and is still in full working order, for it's age it is in very good condition, I have put it on my Web Site to sell but I don't think that I will leave it on there for too long as it would look great in my sewing room, but then if it does sell at least that will give me a few more pennies to be able to buy other goodies to pop on to my web site for you all to have a chance at buying if you fancied anything that I have managed to source!

Yesterday on my way home from work I popped into our local shop and look what I bought....the latest Country Living magazine along with the Ideal Home Christmas Magazine....it wont be long you know!! And I want to see if there are any ideas in here for me to be able to make, for gifts and also to make and sell, also the lady in the shop gave me a free copy of Exeter Living, I think that it is a little like Devon Life magazine, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth as they say...anything Free and I wont say no!!!! So lots of reading for me when I get 5 minutes!

Before I go I just wanted to show you this.....just when you thought that it was a Chicken free blog! Look what one of my girls laid (don't know which one?!)

It only weighs 19grammes and is the size of a Cadburys Mini Egg!! Not going to get much baking done with that am I!!

Take care for now


  1. Bliss is a mag and a brew!
    Apple bread and butter pud....stew apples till soft with brown sugar and raisins, layer with the bread and butter and make a custard sauce to go over the top.....serve with cream or thicker custard!
    I love apples!!xxxx

  2. Hi Andrea, how about baked apples with cinnamon and raisins or french apple tart?

    Love the sewing machine, I can remember my Nan having something similar.


  3. I got a huge quantity of apples too from my Brother-in-law. I haven't really had the time for baking this week so I've just stewed all mine and put them in batches in the freezer. Hope you've now had time to enjoy the magazines. I finally sat down with the Christmas one. There are some lovely ideas I thought.