Monday, 28 January 2008

What Beautiful Weather

Where did that Weather come from??!! Wasn't it Beautiful? Very Spring like! My wonderful husband treated me to lunch on the river on Friday (not exactly on the river but in a pub on the edge of the river), but I expect you guessed that!! And then we took a stroll to feed the Swans, they are such Beautiful creatures...but at the same time quite scary, I do hesitate walking past them when they are stood on the paths as you walk past.

On Saturday we even did some gardening, cut the grass, painted the fence panels, and whilst doing a little weeding we found these little things appearing in the hedge...not sure what they are?

I love my garden but when it comes to naming the plants and knowing how far to cut them back etc. I do not have the slightest idea what to do and have to get the good old books out!!
On Sunday morning my husband did a Car Boot sale, when we moved home last year all the things that we decided that we really did not want in the corners of our home just collecting dust were put into boxes and put in the back of the garage to be forgotten about, but as the weather changed so dramatically here at the week-end he decided that it was time for it all to go! It turned out to have been a worthwhile trip, its a shame that you cannot earn that sort of money every day for a few hours work and then take the afternoon off!!
So Sunday afternoon was spent watching dvd's, the roast cooking away in the oven and not doing very much at all, only truble is that when 6 o'clock comes around I feel really guilty for being so very lazy and not doing anything constructive (that feeling didn't last too long)!!
Hope that you all had a great week end also, see you all again in a few days,


  1. Its like spring here too , i have all my windows open letting some fresh air in at last !!
    The cord bag is a new more grown up line im working on !!
    Im so glad the bag is still going strong x x

    Sara x

  2. isn't it lovely to see some sunshine, and bulbs coming and showing signs of spring. sounds like a lovely productive weekend.

  3. Hello, I think we are nearly neighbours down here in Devon. Mmm, it sounds like you enjoyed a perfect lazy Sunday to me!

  4. That's just the way weekends should be spent!!!

  5. Hello, just found your blog from your comment on Miles Away In France..... I love the area of the country you live in and I can't believe your bulbs are that high! They're daffodils by the way. My parents now live in Somerset and just last night they said their Camellia was in full flower in their garden!


  6. Spring was here yesterday, what's happened today?? I can hear the wind down here in my basement hideaway!
    Julia x

  7. Hi Andrea, that bit of sunshine has been great for getting everyone out and about. I know what you mean about the swans, I don't entirely trust them either, but I do find it funny when they get all bolshy, from a distance though. And Sunday afternoons are made for lazing - nothing to feel guilty about!
    Lucy x

  8. I love daffodils, we've even had crocuses coming up in the park a few days ago - let's hope the sudden change in the weather doesn't kill them all off.