Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

We would like to say a Big "Thank You" for your custom to all of our customers, Old & New!

And a "Happy New Year" to you all, may 2008 bring you all that you wish for!

Well the Celebrations all seem so long ago now don't they? After spending the Christmas Preparing, Entertaining, Drinking & Eating far too much, we felt that it really was time to get out and stretch our legs so my husband and I took our Labrador Henry, and the Kite up in to the field to blow some cobwebs away! It seemed like a good idea at the time!

It was a Beautiful day with clear skies with far reaching views, however it was very muddy under foot, Henry had a lovely time trying to catch the kite thinking that it was a massive Ball in the sky, until the winds were so fast that it broke the strings on the kite!! Oh No, was I going to see a grown man cry??

So, home we go, with one very wet and muddy dog, and a husband dissapointed that his new toy has broken already!! I have to say that I was not too feet were like ice!! I really shall have to go and buy my New Hunter Wellies myself now as no one bought them for me for Christmas!! Hint, Hint!!

We do not light our open fire as we have good old Gas Central Heating, but to make it look warmer for the winter I have placed some Lights in around some logs to give it a cosier feel to our living room, so heating on, Fairy lights all around, and snuggled up on the sofa with Chocolates and Wine, yummy!!

Well, as you have probably noticed that this is my first Blog for a very long time, but Christmas is a very busy time of year for us here as we sell just soooo many Red Hearts for Tree Decorations, but one of my New Years resolutions is to find more time to Blog (my husband says that it is just an excuse to sit on the computer and surf) Men, they just do not understand blogging quite yet do they!!

So, bye for now and will be back very soon with more news and adventures from Devon!


  1. Hi Andrea, what a great idea for a fireplace, I would copy it, if only I had a fireplace...! (p.s I've sent you an email about the bunting)
    Lucy x

  2. Happy New Year Andrea !!
    Its lovely to hear from you again !
    Thanks for the bib love , i must say they are fun to make :0)

    Sara x

  3. Happy New year. Nice to hear from you again

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family. it sounds like you had a great start to the year, chocolate and wine on the sofa, perfect!

  5. Hi Andrea,
    Glad you liked the blog post . I wish I had a nice fire place too. It looks so beautifull where you live. Hope you keep your blogging up, I always have good intentions but i will try too!