Friday, 13 July 2007


I have been Tagged by sophiehoneysuckle and so I have to list 8 random facts about myself!! Oh my goodness where do I start? Well here goes...

1, I love food, especially Garlic! Ooooh Little Roast Potatoes with fresh Garlic sprinkled all over them whilst they are being cooked-my favourite! I know that it is not a very sociable food, to smell it on someone else who has been eating it when you have not is just terrible, whenever I am cooking I try and sneak in more than I probably should be using until Hubby comes along and takes some of it away from me before it reaches the pan!! Meanie!!

2, I hate flying, I LOVE going on Holiday, especially abroad, but I so wish that I did not have to do the flying bit, I still do it every year, well most years! I am not sure why I hate it so much, I keep looking at the Air Stewardesses faces because if they do not look scared then everything is probably all ok! Even when they are doing the "In an Emergency Routine" I feel like I want to sing to myself so that I can't here what I need to do with the life jacket when I reach for it under my seat...although I need that jacket as much as anyone especially when I can't even swim!!

3, I love my Home, I so enjoy making a heavenly place to be living in, in the winter evenings there is nothing quite like lighting the open fire, watching a good film and nestling in on the sofa...oh and a Glass of wine in hand!! On that note of our Homes..As we all seem to be mentioning our Beds that we have at the moment, I thought that I would post a pic of mine....

4, I love running my own business, I was employed as a Sales Manager for so many years, and having to be there at the same time every day, day in day out, oh I so could not go back to doing that again, if I want a lie in one morning I can now have one, if I want to take a day off in the week and work all week-end...I CAN!! Except though when business is quiet and then I panic!

5, I am addicted to buying Homes and Interiors magazines, having a nose to see what everyone else is doing to the insides of there homes, hubby moans about the cost of them, but like I say to him, my Mum gets to read them and then my Sister, so in a way they are being recycled!! I think that it is great when you all post pics of the insides of your homes, it adds interest to our blogs I think!

What else can I write???

6, I love making new things, we initially designed our little Wooden Hearts for Wedding Place Settings and that led to making Wooden Fish & Boats, then we got asked for Handmade Wooden Heart Curtain Tiebacks! I now have a Brand Spanking New Sewing Machine that my Mum bought me for my Birthday which I intend (one day) to start to make Cushions, I also now have a little supply of assorted Beads in stock that I cannot wait to start to make things with, I just wish sometimes that there were more hours in the day! I have recently recovered my Chaise Longue and Foot Stool-I even surprised myself how well I did! Just don't look too closely!!

7, I Cannot read a book without falling asleep! Even some evenings when I pick up the Newspaper to read i start to is sooo annoying when you really want to read a book but your eyes will just not let you!

8, Struggling with Number 8!! Ummn, oh I no...I love Exercising and Running and Swimming...No I do not that's all lies, it sounded good for a second or two though didn't it!! I do not do any exercise, except walk around the Garden and collect what the Dog has been and done in the past week and Hubby is moaning as he wants to mow the lawn!!
There, all done, please do not make me do that again!!! x

Before I finish I also wanted to let you know that on my Web Site I have started to do a Monthly Prize Draw, there will be a new item every month that will be up for grabs! So have a look at this months Freebie Prize Giveaway Country Elegance and send me an email to enter!!

Well I think that is enough for one day, I do not want to send you to sleep through boredom now do I!!

Speak soon, Andrea x


  1. I love garlic too, with potatoes, pasta, bread, I love the smell as it cooks...Umm its making me hungry just thinking about!!.
    Im obsessed with 'homes' magazines aswell, my favs are, Country living (of course), The english home and 25 beautiful homes.

  2. How hard is it to write all those things about yourself?? But very interesting to read ! I too love all the interiors mags. Sarah x

  3. I love your bed. I wish I could come up with better words to say that because your bed is so gorgeous...these "regular" words just aren't enough! Just found your blog thru A Bit of Pink Heaven...I think you had won a drawing or something. If so, congratulations! If not, forget I mentioned it. lol :)

  4. Haha! Loved reading your tag! We have lots in common- I'm terrified of flying and already having nightmares about my trip to Florence!!! And I'm addicted to home mags too!
    Your photos look fab, your bedroom is so calming and peaceful!!

  5. oh what a nice tidy bed. My kids are always jumping on ours Tricia

  6. Lovely bed, i love your cushions Sarah x

  7. A woman after my own heart re: excercise - I've never stepped foot inside a gym! My fitness regime is running around after two little boys and doing the garden but that's it. Keep thinking I'll get back into swimming but I always find something else I'd rather do more - like reading homes magazines too. Love your pretty cushions. Really enjoying your lovely blog.

  8. Hi ... I was just indulging in some blog-browsing and wandered into your world. I love the products at your shop, and your house is beautiful.
    Consider yourself bookmarked!
    Take care - Kitty :-)