Tuesday, 3 July 2007

We are back!!

Finally, we have moved into our New Home in Dunchideock, just outside of Exeter in Devon, (the views around our new home are pictured above), we had lived in our little tiny cottage in a small hamlet in Somerset for 10 years, and then we decided to take the plunge and move closer to my family in Devon. My sister has a (Fast Growing!!) family, of a little Boy who is almost 3 years old, a little Boy who is 9 months old, and another due to arrive in November......she needs to get a television I think!!!

It will be fantastic to see these little ones growing up, coming to visit and getting chocolate on my sofa, sticky hand prints on my glass windows and tipping Blackcurrant on my carpet!! Only joking!! I cannot wait to see more of them.

Only 1 week in our new Home, and we were off to Ibiza for a week with the whole of my Family, Thanks to our Mum, who treated us all to a Wonderful Holiday...Thank you Mum!! x

It was fantastic, Blue sky, White Sands, the temperature was in the mid 30's every day, so all day, every day, was spent lapping up the sunshine on the Beach and then deciding which Restaurant to eat in that evening!! Bliss!

After One Fabulous week we returned to Bristol Airport to retrieve our Baggage...absolutely soaking wet...welcome back to good old wet and Cold Bristol!!

One week later after returning from Holiday we had a wedding to attend at the Guildhall in Bath, trying to get a crowd of you into the centre of Bath on a Saturday is a bit of a nightmare, but we made it, the Guildhall is a Beautiful building to hold a Wedding Ceremony and a lovely day was had by us all. We would like to give our very Best Wishes to Rob and Claire Opie for a long and happy life together.

Something must have happened whilst we were away? Has someone stood up and announced to the whole of the world that we have launched a new web site without telling us? We came home to an abundance of orders, not that we are complaining of course! We would however, like to Thank all of our Customers for being so patient with us and allowing us a couple of extra days to get your goods dispatched, we are now back on track, and business will now commence as usual!

Now that we have unpacked our Suitcases and also our many boxes that we moved into our new home with, we have come across stock that we realised that we have not been listing here on our web site so over the next week or two you will see new items being added, also I plan to venture into the world of Beads, and start designing some exciting Pretty creations (I hope!!) such as Wine Glass Charms, to compliment our Wedding section, Beaded Curtain Tiebacks and many more glitzy bits!!

Well I had better call it a day for now, but we will not leave too long before we come back and give you an update of whats happening here at Country Elegance,

see you all soon,

love Andrea x


  1. if only i could get off the putor im sooo sure i would be able to get more bags done ;0)

    good luck with the website and blog

    sara x

  2. Wow-you've had a busy time!!! Hope you are enjoying your new home, glad you found the pillowcases!!

  3. You have been busy. And nice to hear your web site is busy with orders. Look forward to reading the blog more. Tricia

  4. Hi Andrea yep i can do you a bag the same but with a longer single strap ... if you want to email me its on my profile and then i can make one just for you !!!

    cheers Sara x

  5. You've been tagged! 8 random facts all about you- but don't worry if you are too busy- I know things are hectic for you at the mo xx

  6. You have been busy! Don't you just love moving into a new house? (despite the mess and the unpacking) so many possibilities!
    Glad to hear that the website is busy, you deserve it, it's lovely.
    Thanks for popping over.
    Victoria x

  7. I wanted to tag you!, Sophie keeps getting in there before me!:)

    Hope the website is still going well.


  8. You are the winnder in my blog giveaway! Such beautiful countryside where you live. Your website is beautiful!