Sunday, 3 February 2008

Dried Rosebuds and Nephews...yummy!!

Not wishing to blow my own Trumpet, so to speak! But I am rather pleased with the way that a couple of my new Handmade goodies have turned out!! The Rose Bud Ball is my favourite, is has actually turned out much bigger than I had imagined it would!

The Wire Heart embellished with sparkly Gems & Beads looks lovely when the sun shines through the window and they catch the rays of sun light....ok that hasn't happened yet, but it will!!

Of which all can be viewed and purchased from my Ebay Shop!!

Hope that you have all had a good week-end, we did, my son and his girlfriend came around for the evening and we had a takeaway, attempted to play Who wants to be a millionaire and failed drastically, so ended up playing Pass The Pig!! Have you ever played that game? Not exactly Brain Tasking..but quite good fun!

And on Sunday afternoon I looked after my youngest nephew, of only 12 weeks old, oh my god he is sooo yummy, but what a responsibility looking after someone elses children!! He fell asleep on my large Feather floor cushion, so as we live in an old Cottage with lots of draughts I covered him up in lots of blankets to keep him nice and warm...but then you couldnt see him off the blankets came!! My sister and her husband wanted to take the elder two children to Ten Pin Bowling, I don't think that it was particularly a successful event, the eldest (3 years) nearly got strung up to the ceiling and the younger (1year) nearly got thrown down the alley with the balls, you take these children somewhere nice for the day, miserable weather so make the effort to get them out of the house, and how do they re-pay you? By being little S***s!! but it was a few hours out!!!

The Weather has been really awful here today, I drove my son and his girlfriend back to her mums house and the roof nearly came off the car as it was sooo windy,....dont tell my mum as it was her car and she wouldnt be impressed if I called her whilst she is Holidaying in Australia to tell the way, you now really do have a has no roof at all!! Whoops!!

Catch up again in a day or two,




  1. Hello! I just landed here and find myself in your sidebar :-O What a lovely surprise.

    I must say that first heart is my favourite - so pretty. I've had a lovely time looking at some of your 'stuff' ... hope you don't mind if I bookmark, and come back again?

    Take care. :-)

  2. I love the rosebud ball , off to look on etsy :0)

    Sara x

  3. Sorry should of said ebay !!!

  4. What a beautiful rosebud ball, that must have taken a lot of patience! Hope you are still enjoying the sunshine, Wiltshire still has it, though at the cost of it being freezing! Jennifer

  5. Hi
    I remember many years ago making a rose ball for display but I also did not anticipate how big it would end up. It was around 20 inches in diameter LOL Mind you it did attract people to the stand.