Monday, 15 March 2010

Look at what I have got.........

I have been wanting a Chocolate Labrador for ages, well it seems like ages anyway!

Hubby caught me googling for them the other day in our area and he asked if it was a good idea? Of Course it is I replied.....well wouldn't you have said the same?!

We could not find any local to us so we ended up travelling to Swindon to collect this little angel......

I had seen the advert for her on the Saturday morning on-line but put it to the back of my mind, well, tried, you know sometimes you can get a little nervous about pushing for something that you want if you are not quite sure if hubby will back you with his support over something? Well, hubby happened to mention that he was surprised that I had not called the owner, explaining that I felt that it was too far to travel given that as we had sooo much going on at the week-end, also testing the water if you know what I mean?! However, to my surprise, he continued with the topic of conversation later that evening, and eventually persuaded me to email the owner just out of curiosity to see if she was still available.

To our surprise, she was!!!! And we could go and see her first thing on Sunday morning!!! So, off to bed we went for an early start on Sunday morning, 6.00am on a Sunday morning is not a good time for me, especially after a few glasses of Rose' the previous evening and I did think for all of, lets see, 10 seconds, was I mad????

I was not mad!! As you can see, she is Gorgeous! Cheeky!! But Adorable!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot! We need a name!! So, suggestions PLEASE!!!

This week-end we have also invested in an Incubator, (Heat Lamp, Spare Bulbs, Chick Drinker, Chick Feeder, blimey it's like shopping for a new baby!!) holding 10 Rhode Island Red eggs, hopefully due to hatch on Easter Sunday!! Fingers crossed!!

Whilst sitting here on a days's annual leave, cup of coffee and typing up a new post for my Blog, hhmmmnnn, nice to be at home!!! Anyway back to where I was going with this sentence, hubby has left to go and collect some 3 week old Rhode Island Red Chicks...I will post a picture in the next day or two promise!!

My home is getting a little like Uncle Tom Cobbly and All!!!!


  1. She's beautiful.....lucky you :)

  2. What a sweetie pie!

    I think taking inspiration from your 1st sentance on this post you should call her angel!

    Good luck with the eggs!

    Vanessa x

  3. Oh she's so cute! You'll have so much fun with her.
    We have Inca, a two year black labrador - she is the love of our lives!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. She is SO adorable! I miss having a dog in my life.
    Hmmm Cant come up with any good names on the about somethinh sweet, sugary and chocolatey themed with being a choc lab ?....after all she is good enough to eat!

  5. She is cute and adorable! What a lovely "girl". Eleanor could be a nice name for her, I don't know why, but I think it perfectly fits! She has such beautiful eyes. Lucky you. Hugs, Clara.

  6. She is so beautiful. Just look at that face, gorgeous. What about 'Button' for a name as she is chocolate X

  7. she is so in laws have a chocolate lab called Bonnie, she is 7 now and just so lovely a well natured. If i was to get a dog it would be a lab.

    erm...other names..what about choccie, Bella, Daisy, Gigi, Jelly, Jojo, Pebbles, Pixie, Pickles, Winnie, Olive or Tilly?

  8. Just found your blog and wanted to say your dog is adorable. I have a black labrador and he is wonderful.