Sunday, 31 January 2010

We have a Caravan....Yeah!!!!

Well this week-end we have purchased a new caravan, well, not new new, new to us, but very old!!! It is not something that we had planned to do, but a friend of mine at work bought in her holiday pics of when she and her partner went camping, rivers, woods, barbeques, picnics, all the gorgeous scenery, well it got me thinking that I too wanted to do the whole camping experience again, hubby used to love it but I am a bit of a home bird really and never really look to it, I think that it was because once when we went to the Run To The Sun event in Newquay we had a lodger in the front of our tent for the night, un-known to us until I could feel something leaning against my leg and we realised that this young man had thought that our tent was his and had come in and gone to sleep with us!!!! Yikes!!! Put me off for a long time I can tell you!!!

Anyhow, I am not going to show you piccies of the mean machine just yet, we collected it from a farm so you can imagine the colour of the outside of it, not that the inside is much better!! So it needs a good scrub down and then I will let you take a sneak preview!!

We took a while to find one that we wanted because I did not want a modern one, I wanted a Retro/Vintage one with lots of charm....Oh it certainly has charm at the moment with hay and straw hanging out of it!!!

This one inspired me too My Vintage Party You should pop over and take a look, Laura has been so helpful and advising me as to the best paint for me to use inside of my caravan.

Do you like this little lady? She is really a doorstop, but my kitchen floor tends to get quite dirty sometimes with the dog coming in and out of the garden and I did not have the heart to plonk her down on the floor so instead I have sat her in our stair case, she is nice to pass when you are going up and down the stairs.

Yes, your muddy feet I am talking about!!!!!....................

Anyway must go, floors to wash, bathroom to clean, fabric to cut ready for my new bedroom curtains, and all before I return back to work tomorrow...Oh Joy!!!!

Enjoy the remainder of your week-ends,


  1. a vintage fab! i have so many fantastic holidays in mine, and i love her so much. she was the best thing i have ever bought on ebay! take a peek here
    and here
    i am sur it will bring you great pleasure, as mine has me x

  2. I really look forward to seeing your caravan!! I too, have seen Laura's on her blog, and it's gorgeous!!
    Have you checked out 'Happy Loves Rosie' s blog too. There's a beautiful one there too!!
    Have fun : )

    Sharon xx

  3. Your story about the lodger in your tent made me laugh :O). A vintage caravan sounds fab I'd love to have a vintage camper to go away every now and then in. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment the fabric you like is available from and is in the Tilda fabric section. I'm sure it would look stunning in your caravan, I think its so pretty. Have fun with the curtains. ((((hugs)))) Pixie xxx

  4. wow... I'd love a little home away from home... and when I visted my Auntie and Uncle us kids use to sleep in the caravan in their garden.. it was the best ever...!

    x Alex

  5. Oooh, can't wait to see the before photos of your caravan! Thanks for the link!
    Laura x

  6. Having a caravan is the best thing we ever did.... we use ours so much and have been away in all weathers. Sadly it's not vintage ... it's all shiny and new but I love it very much!
    I hope you enjoy your caravan as much as we have enjoyed ours!

  7. Love to see the new dress of your caravan, and as thecrafrytrundler said, have you seen the one in ? It's gorgeous and lovely. I like your blog very much and add it to my favourites. Hugs, Clara.