Friday, 1 January 2010

Stay down little's far too cold yet!!!!

Bulbs are starting to make an appearance, I am sure that it is a little early!

I LOVE this sign of the year....Spring will be creeping along before we know it, and I think that all of us probably can't wait to get our wellies on and get out in the garden and start weeding, planting and generally pottering around, I know our Chickens can't wait for us to be out and about as that means that they too can potter around without worrying about the Fox's and Buzzards!!!!!! We even watched Jamie Oliver today on the television cooking some BBQ food, oh, it soooo made us wanted to get the BBQ out and go and attempt what he had been cooking, however I did manage to persuade hubby to hang on just a couple of more weeks, he is more keen than I am to get out in the garden!! This time of year I think that you just feel like you need to dust off the cobwebs, draw back the curtains and put the remote controls to bed for a while and get outside, we do tend to move outside once the nicer weather is here, but I personally think that we have a week or two yet to wait....but it is on it's way!!!!

Anyway, "HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL"!!!!, we have had a lovely break, 11 days off work, how cool is that.....hence me dropping by to say hi to you all, I never find the time what with working full time now, doesn't it just get in the way of everything?! I know that the money helps, goodness I know that we certainly could not spend like we do if I didn't work full time, and I think that sometimes you just have to keep reminding yourself of that otherwise I would go mad, some mornings it just feels a little like Ground Hog Day!!! Same old, Same old. However, one of my New Years resolution's is to drop in every week, watch this space, but I will endeavour to do so!!!

No.1 son has come home after living with a girl for a couple of years....don't ask!!! All I can say is it is fab having him home, at least I know that his clothes are clean, his bills are getting paid, he is being well fed, and .... his money is his own!!!!....well, at least for as long as I can persuade him to make it last, bit like challenge Andrea!!!!! x

We had Gorgeous weather here today, what a great start to the New Year! Chilly, but lovely!

The Holly Tree in the garden......

Oh, by the way, below are a few of my goodies that I had for Christmas....I think that I was rather a spoilt girl!!! I am looking forward to dropping by and seeing what you all had, perhaps we could have a "What was your best present this year post????!!!!!

Hubby and I made a pact this year that we were only going to spend £50.00 on each other, if we want/need something we go and buy it, and we didn't really have any major need for anything this year, so it seemed like a good idea, so, with 10 pressies under the tree with my £50.00 it seemed like I was going to win, with as much as you could buy with limited funds, however hubby REALLY spoilt me and broke the rules, ( not that I am complaining, no way! ) and bought me.......

Drum roll please....................

Just need to learn how to use it now, he he, but, if I stick with my New Years resolution and pop by every week then that should keep me practicing eh?!!!

Anyway cant wait to hear from you all and I promise to make my way around to you all as soon as I can, but for now, enjoy the rest of the week-end, and will speak again soon!



  1. Nice to have you back!

    You were a lucky girl with your new camera, ny sister has that camera and she lends me it once ina while and its great to use!

    Hope to check you out soon

    Vanessa x

  2. Good to have you back. wow that camera looks great! Happy new year :)

  3. Hello!
    I feel the same....its ground hog day for me...I rush rush about...even to Sainsburys...I have just run in and out of there, and its just 8.30..

    Happy Tuesday!

    Sam xx

  4. PS....your house is LOVELY!!

    I have house envy :0)


  5. Lovely sunny pics, it's great to see signs of spring!!
    Love the goodies, especially that camera!!!I'm afraid I cant take the credit for the little robin on my blog header!! It was taken by Dave on a Canon DSLR.Dont know what model, but it's big, complicated & heavy!!!
    Look forward to seeing your next post, and pics too : )

    Sharon xx

  6. Good luck with the new camera…it looks fab! You got some lovely presents.
    My camera is a Sony DSLR-A200

    Happy New Year- I hope you have lots of fun with the new camera.

    Love Lou xxx