Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow all around us!!

Up the lane we walked..........

(Photos can be made larger by simply clicking on them!)

The view of where we live from the field......

Boy was it bitterly cold up there!!! Hubby hoped to be coming down on a sledge but no chance!!!!

The view up the Bridle Path, but no horses today!

Our Pond .....

The Heather in our garden just about able to make an appearance!

Although it has been lovely to see some snow, I could do with it going now as two days I have not been able to get to work, day one the snow was just too deep in our lane to take my little car out in, the second day we have had such a frost that all the snow has frozen and I have no chance of my wheels gripping, it is not looking very hopeful of me still getting out tomorrow as they forecast -8 tonight and -16 tomorrow night!!! BBBRRRRRRRR!!!! x

I am soooo please that we have a Fire like this to come in and keep warm in front of.......

Keep warm you all,



  1. Do you have rally thick walls too!? I love your burner and the photo's are beautiful... apparently Yeovilton airbase say it was -14.5 at 8am this morning.... thats way too cold....

    keep warm
    stay safe

  2. Happy new year to you, Andrea! Beautiful pictures! x

  3. 2 days of missing work, are you not finding it great, my mum & dad are stuck down there lane so we had to meet them at the end yesterday with supplies. When I asked her if she was annoyed she said it whs great as nobody could want anything from her and she could do her own thing!

    My stove has been working 24/7 since before Christmas now, only problem is I am running out of coal and the coalman has cancelled on me twice now!

    Vanessa x

  4. Happy New Year Andrea.
    I loved that little walk, I am still loving this snow very much. And it looks like we are going to have it a couple more weeks! Maybe you could ski to work? When we were in Norway the guide told us that his mum had to ski across the frozen lake to the hospital when she was in labour with his brother! the little road was cut off, imagine that! it is amzing what you can do when there is no other way round it.
    It is great being beside the fire, all nice and snug though!
    Carol x

  5. what lovely wintery piccies!

  6. Hi Andrea:

    Oh the snowy pictures are just so lovely.

    Sorry I can't give you the pattern for the Gum Drop Pillow as it is copyrighted. It shouldn't be too hard to get though even online.

    Thanks for dropping by ;)

    Lisa xo

  7. Looks all strange now the snow has gone....I miss the fresh look!

    Your fire looks lovely, I'd love a cosy fire like that!xx

  8. Beautiful pictures Andrea ... I hope it's gone from your area now - just about disappeared here, although it snowed all day yesterday. Again. x

  9. Hi Andrea. lovely pics,. The one where the lane disappears into infinity would be great to machine embroider. I bet we have similar hobbies--cottonreel