Sunday, 16 November 2008

What a busy week-end!!

SURPRISE!! My Husband bought me these flowers! He doesn't buy flowers for me that often...he says you appreciate them more if you don't have them too often!! Thats his theory and it seems he is sticking to it! I do LOVE flowers,

Our week-end started off with a Surprise visit from our old neighbours, my husband called me whilst I was in work on Friday morning to say that he had had a call to say that they were coming, so, when I finished work on Friday afternoon it was a mad rush.....change the spare room bedding, (my son and his girlfriend are normally the only ones that stay over so I tend not to change it every time they have been), get food shopping in, hoover, prepare the food and be all ready in time for when they arrive and acting all cool and calm and not looking like you have just been running around like headless chickens!!

They didn't arrive until around 7.45pm which was fine, and so after having a drink with some nibbles when they arrived we ate our evening meal around 9.30pm, my husband did a very large pasta dish with chicken and mushrooms with cheese melted on the top, home-cooked chips and a mixed salad dish, we then retired to the lounge for some more drinks to watch Children in need on the television, eventually staggering up the stairs at 1.15 in the morning, hence us not surfacing until about 9am!

My husband cooked us Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs and Fried Eggs to have with our Toast in the morning, all Homemade Eggs too as my son says!! They then went on their way to go and see their friends new born baby, whilst we went to top up the stock of wine, beer and yet more nibblie type food!

Because on Saturday evening my Son and his girlfriend came around for the night, so, more drinks and nibbles, my husband cooked again! (I am sooo lucky that he doesn't mind doing most of the cooking!!) He dished up an adorable and yummy Roast Chicken meal, so really we haven't stopped all week-end but it was good, it is nice to entertain and have people around isn't it!

I discovered this too at our local Tesco store last week, and surprise, surprise, I have actually been using it!! The rest are all just for show!!

And my husband bought me home this one this week, I must say, how many men would go into Tescos to do the weekly shopping and come out carrying the latest Cath Kidston Bag??!! I do feel lucky! This bag I am again going to use, but for my Knitting needles and Balls of matches my Lounge decor so thats where it is going to sit!!

Now, here we are at 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon, I am sat blogging at the Kitchen Table having an early Glass of Rose' Wine, and yes, once again, my husband is cooking our Sunday Roast! We tend not eat on a Sunday at Lunch time (12.00-1.00pm) as we do like to have a drink or two with our meal and if we had lunch at lunch time we would be fast asleep at 3.00pm in the afternoon so we tend to eat and drink around 5.00pm on a Sunday and then just enjoy the rest of the day relaxed before having to get up for work on a Monday morning, we start work at 7.00am so get up at 5.30am in the mornings so we dont stay up late in the evening with having such an early start! Did you get all of that because it sounds like alot of gobblie gooch!!

Gosh, having just read back over my blog before I publish it, I have noticed that there are alot of times going on!! Sorry!! And I have noticed that through reading this, yes, my husband does do most of all the cooking....well, if he enjoys it I would hate to deprive him of it!!

Hope you all made the most of your week-end and had a good time, catch up again soon,




  1. I hope I get some of those bags. I've managed to get the others but like you I'm particular about how and when I use them. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

  2. Lovely flowers!
    How sweet of him.....and a great cook too! fab!

    glad you have had a super time!xxx

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I am your partner in the swap organised by Mel and Lesley so I thought I would pop in to say hello! I'll be spending some time going back over your posts so I can get to know what you might like!
    I'm v envious both of your cooking husband (how did you find one of those?) and your Cath K bags. I haven't managed to find any but then again, I do detest Tescos(!) but I wouldn't mind a xmas one so I might just have to make a trip. Enjoy your Sunday evening.
    Hen x

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend...the food sounds good, my OH is cooking roast beef tonight. We tend not to eat meals together when I'm working because I get home late. That means we cook for ourselves, so it's a treat when we're both home to sit down together! Enjoy the rest of your evening....can't believe how quickly today has gone :(

  5. What a fab hubby you have, mine will do most things even his own ironing, apart from cook so I havent go it bad! Thanks for popping by, I keep buying things for myself instead of christmas pressies too, I darent even buy tins of roses and quality street as they are way to much of a tempatation this year, dont know whats wrong with me....think it has something to do with I feel like i've only just taking last years dec!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend, family and friends....perfect...Claire xx

  6. Ooh lovely flowers and it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.....back to work for a rest?