Friday, 7 November 2008

Car Boot Finds and Corners of My Home

YEAH!!!! It's Friday!!!

I am sat at my kitchen table (after a hard days work, well it was quite hard, having to get up and leave home by 6.30 in the morning really does me in and so come 5 o'clock in the evening I am knackered!!) with a glass of Rose' Wine and a Bowl of Prawn Crackers and a Cutney Dip, sounds disgusting I know, but actually it's YUM!!

I apologise to my followers for my lack of blogging in the last week or so...I just do not know where the time goes, a run on making Draught Excluders has taken a bit of time this week to get up to date with getting them in the post to customers patiently waiting in this cold spell that we have had so apologies if you were one of those!!

I just wanted to run this past you all...I picked this up at the Car Boot...£6.00...Bargain!! It has been stripped of its old paint in the past and so it does seem a shame to paint over someones hard work (unless it was dipped and that is easy!) shall I paint it or leave it as it is? I plan to use it as a Bedside Cupboard, perhaps I could paint it but leave the top of it un-painted? What would you do??

Also I picked this up for £1.00, I showed it to my mum bless her who said "Thats a bit old fashioned isn't it, where you going to hang that"!!! Another decision has to be made, shall I paint the frame or leave it as it is?

I thought that I would let you take a peek at a couple of corners of my home......

Above is a view from my front porch once you are inside, the little window looks out onto open fields, which is nice,

A corner of my lounge...not very exciting, TV looks a bit too big for that stand actually!

The view from my Kitchen Window....not very exciting as there has been an extension added on to the back of the house so I look out into my Utility room now!! It's a nice deep window ledge which I try and keep looking as pretty as I can but it is a little hard with the tap so close to everything and things do get a bit splashed...especially when it involves husbands (I do only have the one, but I am sure that some of you can relate to what I mean!) washing their hands and then shaking them...I am sure you get my drift!!

My Wall Dresser, I bought this from good old Ebay for £15.00 and sanded it off and painted it in this Rich Shade of Cream, I do like it but I think that it could do with a few prettier bits and bobs on now, only thing is I have to be careful as to what I put on it as it is a plasterboard wall behind and hubby has informed me not to put anything too heavy on it!! Do I believe him? Well I do keep adding the odd bit of crockery now and again and hold my breath as I put it on there...thing is, its the Dog who's gonna get it as he sleeps underneath beside the radiator!!!!! Now, for all you animal lovers out there that are now thinking, Oh No, how awful, it is NOT going to fall off the wall just like that, unless of course someone such as a nephew tries swinging off it,which is highly unlikely, no, I mean likely!!

And last but not least....the view from my Bedroom window, I do feel quite lucky actually each morning when I get up to open the curtains and be able to have a view like this!

Just before I go I do want to thank Josie Mary and also my Wonderful Sister Tilly Rose for this award, I will get around this week-end to passing it on to some other great bloggers!

Have a great week-end and catch up with you all in the next couple of days!




  1. I just love the pictures of your home....beautiful!xxxx

  2. What a lovely home you have, and the view from your Bedroom window is amazing!

    With your bedside cabinet, it depends on the rest of the room - if it is pale and airy the dark wood will look brilliant.

  3. Hello....where is the curtain fabric from?
    The one in your living room...i love it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I really love them....i actually thought they were Cath Kid....i think they are doing some fabric by the metre, If this is so then Lesley(noted from my days) bought some....i MUST try and get to this shop!

    This fabric would go well in my guest room....i could trim my plain pale blue curtain with it!

    Just watching pretty the girl presenter is!

    Hope you have had a super weekend?

  6. he said 4, we have one so 3 left, i would try your TK Maxx if you have one....was on Nigellas site apparently as one of her faves!
    I love it!xxx
    Very cosy for the winter!xx

  7. I love that cupboard. I love the wood, I think it would be a shame to paint it. It's got that gorgeous rustic appeal!

  8. LOL....i feel that way about your curtains and that cushion on the rocking chair....very sweet!

    Just eating chocolate!
    While sitting wrapped in the quilt...tis very cosy!

  9. That is a total bargain find. I think it might look nice painted cream, if you gave it a kind of distressed look as well.