Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Crochet Bags and a whole lot more to come!!

Well I thought today as I have a day off work I would stop by and show you a peek at one of our latest products that we have, it has been such a long time since I have blogged that we now have a new range of Linen Cushions, Wooden letters and Lots of different Gift Tags now on sale!

We have decided top stop buying goods from Wholesalers, you know, the stuff that you see in nearly every shop you go into, and concentrate on designing items that you would not find in any High Street store, a few of the items we have we do buy in already made as a blank canvas, but we then print on them to turn them in to something that is unique and very different.

These are made from scratch by us using 100% Linen....

And these are just flying out at the moment, so much that we cant believe how popular they are!!

We have had requests for alternative colours and sizes as well which makes it very exciting doing bespoke orders for customers!!

We are still busy adding new things to our web site but most of our items have been listed on if we have talked about something on here that you do not see listed within our store let me know as it may just be a case that we have not got around yet to advertising for sale just yet!

Well as I have a little spare time this afternoon so I am going to get around to visiting some of your blogs, so hopefully catch up with you all later!

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