Sunday, 21 December 2008

It's Oh So Quiet!! SSSHHH!!!

Well browsing Blog Land over the last few days it's soooo quiet! Every one is busy getting ready for the Big Day I guess!

I spent the afternoon yesterday wrapping Pressies ready to distribute around, it was quite a lazy day really, I even got around to making this....

It has been so cold here lately and with so many drafts in an old house I thought that this would at least help keep it a little warmer, I have made it so that I can remove the outer cover to wash it in case it gets dirty, well it is going to isn't really dragging around on the floor, but looking at it I think that it needs a few more Beans in it to plump it up a bit more, trouble is now I have taken a photo I have noticed how badly the Door needs a coat of paint!! It's never ending isn't it?!

We are off to Wells today to see family and a new arrival, well, he isn't really new any more as he has been born a few weeks now but we haven't seem him yet so that is exciting, and then I have a wooden bed to paint when we get home this evening, I want it Painted, Waxed and put together so that I can wake up in it on Christmas Day Morning!!! It's like challenge Andrea!!! I am painting it in an Old Antique White Paint, pictures to follow....

Enjoy the rest of the week-end all,



  1. The doorstop is lovely Andrea - really pretty. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. x

  2. Ooh love the draught excluder, it's gorgeous!

    Good luck with your challenge, will you be wearing a 1980's jumpsuit? ;) Hope you post up pics of the bed when it's done, it sounds lovely.

    I should really be doing something to prepare for Thursday but I just really don't want to (am hoping the Christmas fairies will do it for me!!!)

    Have a very happy Christmas xxx

  3. Why do you notice the things that need painting more just before Christmas , my kitchen needs to be painted before Christmas !!!

    Have a great day x x x

    Sara x

  4. Lovely....given me an idea!xx

  5. I've had a go at making a draft stopper.....thank you for the idea!xxx

    Merry christmasxxx

  6. Lovely draught excluder! I may have to make one myself.