Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Eiderdown Finished and a Funky Find!!

(The view from our back bedroom window this morning!!

Yeah...day off work today...but it is soooo cold isn't it?!

All the more reason to get my Patchwork Eiderdown finished, I had finished the front of it a few months ago, but then delayed in wadding it and putting the backing on it, truth be told...I didnt know how to complete it!! But on Sunday I took the Bull by the horns (so to speak!) and have finished it, the front consists of a selection of Cath Kidston fabrics, and also when my son was little he had a Blue and White stripe Duvet cover on his bed, and to be honest all of the years of being washed it has really kept its colour and not faded at all so I also used this mixed in with the florals, I also used it for the backing, its quite nice really to think that it has not simply been binned and has gone on to be used for something that will (hopefully) last for many years to come!
I was a little too generous really with the wadding and it is quite fat...but nice and cosy!!

On Sunday as my Hubby started to cook the Roast he realised that we had run out of Cooking Oil, and coaxed me into going out to get some, with some spending money!! I only went to Lidl so not exactly very exciting, but look what I found!!

I LOVE it!! My kitchen has not got ANY Red accessories in it at all!! It consists of Pinks, Blues, and Greens, but when I spotted this on the shelf I just HAD to have it, and I can always add a little Red to my kitchen cant I?! What I could do with is a few things now with all the colours to tie it all in, I did see some Bowls in TK MAXX last week which had all of these colours in but as I was meant to be Christmas shopping I put them back on the shelf, dont you find that, when you are supposed to be shopping for other people you see loads of things that you want, and yet when there is money in your purse...burning a big hole, you cannot find anything that you want!!

Oh, and I bought this, it is meant as a Placemat, but not really very practicle as it is thick felt, so if food was spilt on it you couldn't really wash it, but I just had to have it as I thought it was really pretty and I thought that with a bowl of Sweets or Nuts sat on it over the festive period it would look quite nice!

I am actually really in to Red at the moment...had you noticed!! It is such a warm colour I think, especially at this time of year when it is cold and horrid outside.

I hope that you are all coming on nicely with preparing for your Christmas Swops! I think that I am nearly there, now, the decision to wrap in festive paper or not? I think its got to be dont you?!!

Right then, I had better go now, enough rambling, my husband took some cakes into work this morning to give to my dad, they work together! And he got funny looks from the others as they had not been given any to have with there morning coffee so I have had orders to bake some more for them, oh well plenty of eggs at the moment and by putting the oven on it with warm me up a little!!

Enjoy the rest of your week and keep warm,




  1. Oh Andrea i do love the patchwork quilt...i'm am green with envy!!!!!!
    Have you made the table cloth too?
    Wonderful scales...very lovely...red is my fave colour too....its so funny tomorrow i was going to do a red day and photo all my red stuff, just for fun and because its my half day.....o promised as i'd worked so hard i was going to do something silly amd fun!xxxx

  2. Your very clever....its all adorable!xxx

  3. Oooh, that's lovely.
    Don't tell my mum but I'm making her a patchwork bedspread.
    It's supposed to be for christmas, but I've only got as far as cutting out the squares....!
    I think maybe she'll get a cushion cover with a "to follow" note!
    I don't really cut the edge of the napkins, either paint the sides, or glue gingham ribbon.

  4. Gosh I love that quilt, it is so pretty. Love your red scales too.

  5. I love the patchwork quilt, I made a similar one for my daughter using bits of her old baby dresses but she prefers the Primark fleece blanket - pah!
    Red is everywhere at the moment, so much of it has crept into my kitchen!
    Julia xx

  6. thanks so much on the advice for photos. will give it a go later xx

  7. What a beautiful eiderdown, I am thinking of making one, wouldn't be to your lovely and high standard, from my DSs baby clothes that meant something to me, then i think I cant bear to get my scissors to them, no good in the garage though are they :)

    I have introduced myself on your giveaway, and I absolutely love the scales I too am loving red at the moment, we are refurbishing our Home Sweet Home at the moment, and like you kitchen is going to be pinks and blues, those scales would certainly jazz it up

    Now can you let me in on what your lovely sister would like for her swap, i have a few things but really like to makes things personal, Mmmmm what do you think

    Mary X

  8. Ooh, love the eiderdown, I can imagine it's very snuggly! Also like the felt placemat very much. Shame its felt as I'm looking for some groovy new mats for under the cats' bowls but they need to be ultra-cleanable!
    Hen x

  9. Lovely quilt Andrea - I could just imagine snuggling down under that on the sofa with a cup of tea and White Christmas on the TV :0)

    We had red in our kitchen in our first home, and my Nan bought us some lovely old fashioned scales in red, with the proper brass weights. I still use them now.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog. I think your patchwork quilt is absolutely gorgeous, and made with such happy memory fabrics as well.
    The scales do look good, and red is such a cheerful colour. x

  11. Think i have the whole photo thing sussed now so hopefully my next post will have more than one photo.
    Thanks again xx

  12. Red is my favourite colour, so I think your new scales look wonderful. Enjoy baking your cakes.

  13. Hi Andrea!

    This is so weird, I went looking for your website yesterday and found it (I bought a few things from you on ebay a while back but I don't think you're on there any more???) and today by total coincidence I've found your blog! Glad to see you're still making the lovely wooden hearts, I used some pale blue with white spot ones for place settings last Christmas and everyone liked them.

    Love the red scales by the way!

    Mel x